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War Party: Indians at Phillies Game Thread, May 15, 2013


It's a weird thing that I'd ceased noticing until reading Dr. Cohen's marvelous game recap from last night: the Cleveland Indians have a totally problematic name. It's arguably less benign than the Atlanta Braves, even, as "Indian" isn't even the preferred nomenclature (Dude). It isn't as if anyone will like you calling them a Brave, but at least the term doesn't invoke a centuries long reification of a geographical glitch. Troublesome.

I think much of the hesitation in changing the name is one part nostalgia and one part hesitation over a new name. I grew up in two school districts in the suburbs that used the "Indians" moniker, and both changed their name to something related, but ultimately stupid: The Tribe and Big Red. Not really rabble rousing.

Still, if they could change the Cleveland Indians' name to, like, the Cleveland Spiders, it'd be cool and borderline historically accurate. And commemorating the team with the worst numerical record in baseball history. Win win!

Discuss losing seasons and political incorrectness below.