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Just Spit Ballin' -- It's the Phillies, Why Bother?

Was Alex Sanabia throwing spit balls in last night's win against the Phillies? Video seems to indicate that yes, indeed, he was.

Mike Ehrmann

Dave Cameron reported last night that Alex Sanabia was apparently caught on video dropping a big ol' loogy on the ball as he was preparing to pitch during his win over the Phillies. This was right after Domonic Brown's home run.

Here's the video -- note the incriminating expectoration at the 13-second mark. Cameron's article also includes a gif focusing on the couple of seconds around that time.

Is it possible that he's actually spitting on his hand, and not on the ball? Possible, but far-fetched.

Now certainly it was a close game for most of the night, but you would think that Sanabia would reserve this kind of risky behavior for the big hitting teams in the league, rather than the light-hitting Phils.

This isn't the first time this season (or even this month) that there have been allegations regarding spitters. Former pitcher and current Blue Jays announcer Jack Morris accused the Red Sox' TaylorClay Buchholtz earlier this month.