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Hey, that's Pedro! Is he available? Red Sox 9 - Phillies 3

Lots of missed opportunities for the Phillies

Jared Wickerham

Somehow I only recap losses. The Phillies are just under .500, only a few games behind the Nationals. They've played respectably in May after a rough April. I know it's confirmation bias, but I feel like they're awful, because every time I take a recap they get spanked. In the future I'll let everyone know so you can make alternate plan like Chinese Water Torture, a root canal, you know something more fun that the games I recap.

Tonight Tyler Cloyd's pumpkin struck midnight. He barely cleared 2 innings, giving up 6 runs. He had 2 K's, a walk, a wild pitch and 2 Home Runs. It started early as Jacoby Ellsbury led off the Bottom of the First with a Single. After a weak groundout by Nava, and the aforementioned wild pitch, Dustin Pedroia went all lazer show to Right. After Striking out Ortiz, Napoli destroyed a ball, blasting it out to right center.

Still competitive and Cloyd got through the Second unscathed. To start the Third, Kratz dropped a homer just into the first row of fans down the Right Field line. There is hope the trend is about to end! Nope. The Phillies didn't threaten again for a few innings. It's only a 2 run lead though.

Cloyd then kind of lost it in the Third. Ortiz led off with a double. The Napoli doubled, driving in Ortiz. That was followed by a Stephen Drew single to drive in Napoli. Cloyd then K'd Carp before a Salty Single. That brought on Mike Stutes. Stutes got Iglesias to pop out, but then gave up a double to Ellsbury. Drew scored, but Brown backed up the diving Revere well and got the throw in to Rollins in time to gun down Salty at the plate, ending any further bleeding in the Third.

All was pretty quiet until the 5th when the Phillies got runners on First and Third, only to have Michael Young line out to Alfredo Aceves. Sadly in the bottom of the Inning with Stutes still pitching, Drew singled and Carp doubled. So 2nd and 3rd with one out. Salty at bat. He hit a routine single to Right. Oftentimes you'll Wide Receivers in football start thinking about their next move and drop the ball. That's basically what Mayberry did, looking up and overrunning the ball. That let Carp score behind Drew. 8-1. The Inning ended with a great Aaron Rowand moment by Revere as he crashed into the metal gate in Center. It looked bad as Revere writhedon the ground for a few minutes, but he continued playing.

The Phillies threatened again the top of the 6th with runners at the corners and no outs out before Aceves K'd Delmon and got a popout from Brown. He walked Mayberry to load the bases (one hell of an AB by Mayberry, actually). Aceves then got Galvis to fly out to Ellsbury. Great play by Ellsbury, if that ball drops, the bases probably clear and it's a game again. Since I'm recapping though...

After a few relatively uneventful innings for them Lefty duo of Horst and Bastardo, Howard led off the 8th with an opposite field damned near Homer that was instead a double, as the ball hit about 200 feet up the Green Monster, leaving it about 2 feet short of being a Home Run. Howard then followed that up with some awful baserunning. Getting cought in a run down on a ball hit to Short, maybe 10 feet in front of him. Pretty boneheaded. That left Delmon Young on First with one out instead of Howard on Second with 1 out. Dom Brown don't care as he rocketed a ball out to Right Field about 10 seats deep. 8-3. Mayberry then got to First on a single. There was what could be labelled as a throwing error, but even if Napoli had caught it (it was a tough catch, but it was gettable) it looked like Mayberry would have beaten the throw. Galvis Grounded into a Fielder's choice and was stranded there by a Kratz Strikeout.

Mike Adams started off well in the 8th getting 2 quick outs before giving up a single to Ciriaco and walking Ortiz and Napoli to load the bases. Adams then went all full count to Drew before walking in run number 9. That brought in Justin De Fratus who put a quick end to things getting a routine groundout.

Ben Revere led off the 9th by beating Andrew Miller in a foot race to First. The Phillies proceeded to go down weakly with a fly out from Michael Young, a Strikeout of Jimmy Rollins, and a 3 pitch K of Ryan Howard.

Fangraph, which conveniently matches my current blood pressure readings.

Source: FanGraphs