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Hail, Cesar!

Michael Young to Bereavement List, Iron Pigs Second Baseman Cesar Hernandez called up to replace Young on Active Roster.

So the Cesar Hernandez era begins, kinda.
So the Cesar Hernandez era begins, kinda.

The Phillies added Michael Young to the Bereavement List. A player on the Bereavement list is out a minimum of 3 games and a maximum of 7 games. The leave begins immediately. In his stead the Phillies called up Triple-A Second Baseman Cesar Hernandez. This is per Matt Gelb.

Cesar Hernandez won't be playing Third, he doesn't have the arm for it. There are a few ways the Phillies could go here, with Utley out for several more weeks as well. The could shift Freddy Galvis to Third for a few games and play Cesar at Second. They could leave Galvis at Second and start Frandsen at Third. Start Frandsen at Second and Galvis at Third. They could also go with Frandsen at Third and Cesar at Second with Galvis on the bench, I suppose, but why waste Galvis' glove since Offensively he's been much better of late. With Frandsen capable of playing multiple positions though, I imagine the Phillies will want him available off the bench, so the most likely solution is the first one with Cesar at Second and Galvis at Third.

Cesar may well be the successor to Utley at Second (sorry doubleh), so this is a bit of a tryout in some ways, but mostly I think it's filling a need combined with a bit of a reward for the kid, who so far has been having a mighty fine season with a .308/.383/.432 Triple Slash with a significantly improved Walk Rate.