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Crowdsourced Future Phillies: First Base

Let's be honest the first 2 positions were relateively slam dunk (though if I had asked the Starter one pre Biddles' 16 K night while Morgan was still hot at Triple-A, I wonder how the results would look). First is not. Partly because we don't have many prospects there, partly because those we do are quite far from the show.

What do you mean "Future" First Base?
What do you mean "Future" First Base?

As always, the prerequisites: You need to have played in the states. You need to have played some First. In other words, even though Larry Greene may end up at First, he is not included here as he has played OF his time in the Minors so far. Without games at First we cannot be sure if a player can stick there well enough Defensively. Lastly, I am only including guys at one position, so because Ruf is currently playing Left and he's blocked at first short term, he isn't listed here as an option.

Without further ado, here are the chosen few. (In Alphabetical Order)

William Carmona

Streegths: Strong arm (Pitched in High School and College), Average to above-average power potential. Adequate defender at First (believe it or not, he played 3rd at Stony Brook)

Weaknesses: Plate discipline. Size, listed at 5'11, 185 lbs, but looks heavier and less athletic than that suggests. Well below average speed and contact skills.

Art Charles

Strenghts: Above average power with a massive frame 6'6", 220 lbs (though honestly looks more like 230-240). Excellent BB rates.

Weaknesses: Less excellent K rates. Long-ish swing that doesn't stay in the zone very long. Limited to First because of his size. Not very strong defensively.

Cameron Perkins

Strengths: Has played several positions in cluding 3rd base, Right Field and Left Field in addition to 23 games at First Base. Quick level swing that stays in the zone for a while. Should hit for average with line drive power (his power has exploded this Spring, but it is too small a sample to make any definitive judgements on yet). Does not strike out often for a guy with pop.

Weaknesses: Doesn't walk often either. Power potential is average to slightly above-average. Size may eventually limit him to First defensively.

Chris Serritella

Stregths: Above-average to Plus power potential. Good contact hitter. Well built, with classic First base skillset.

Weaknesses: Classic first base skillset includes poor running speed, below average defense and somewhat free-swinging approach at the plate. Plate discipline is below average and power has been more theorhetical than actual so far.

Do any of these guys stand a chance? Will one break out and put it together? What's the highest ceiling here?