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One Less Hanging Chad: Phillies Release Durbin

In one of the least shocking moves of the season, and one thats been headed down this road for some time, The Phillies have released Chad Durbin.

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Now on your local Modells 70% off rack. get em while they're hot.
Doug Pensinger

With only thirteen cost controlled relievers on the phillies 40 man roster coming into the season, the Phillies obviously needed to spend $1,100,000 (and a $250,000 buyout on a 2014 option) for someone to provide depth in the seventh inning. That man was Chad Durbin.

Alas,Chad Durbin is no more.

After surrending 3 runs last night, Durbin has been released, and Joe Savery has been recalled to take his spot.

Fans have been calling for Durbins release since, well, the day Ruben Amaro resigned him. Durbin was expected to provide a veteran presence in the bullpen, in the vein of past successful veteran bullpen signings like Chad Qualls, Danys Baez and JC Romero. Instead, all he provided was the ability to allow exactly ELEVENTYBILLION INHERITED RUNNERS to score this season.So he goes the way of... Well, those same veteran relievers.

Those who fail to regard history are doomed to repeat it.

Durbin appeared in 16 games for the Phillies this year. the team went 3-13 in those spectacles, and Durbin gave up 16 earned runs, walked 9, struck out sixteen. That was good for a 9.00 era.

I always feel bad when a genuinely nice guy gets let go, but it was time. And perhaps the best thing about this situation is that Charlie will not be able to use Chad Durbin anymore.

And yes, the Phillies are on the hook for all of his salary unless someone else is dumb enough to claim him.