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Happ is hit with a liner, Pence has regrets, Cloyd called up, Biddle recognized, Doc mulling retirement!? I mean, we have a lot of [stuff] going on out here.

Hump Day Phillies Links for You, 5/8/13

Speedy recovery, J.A. Happ.
Speedy recovery, J.A. Happ.

J.A. Happ is hospitalized after being hit in the head with a Desmond Jennings line drive - Bluebird Banter

Here's a prayer for our old buddy. The second-most harrowing thing in the video link (embedded in article) is Desmond Jennings' reaction. Is there any reasonable headgear out there that could protect a pitcher?

Halladay rejoins Phillies after shoulder exam | News

So there's this:

Former pitcher and current broadcaster Rick Sutcliffe said on ESPN he spoke recently with Halladay. He said Halladay told him he planned to retire if he could not return to prior form.

Thoughts on Tim Lincecum and a second straight Giants loss - McCovey Chronicles
Grant Brisbee's analysis of Bakersfield Tim's performance last night leads me to conclude that we're at the edge of the forest in which we get to strip half-naked and frolic in our Iron John drum circle about Tim Lincecum's contract in the same way others make fun of #RyanHowardsContract.

Regrets? Hunter Pence has a few
Very rare to see this kind of candor from a professional athlete, but here it is:

"To be honest with you, I felt really guilty," Pence said. "I felt like I did something wrong. Obviously I shouldn’t have looked at it that way, it was the wrong way to look at it. But I was, there was a lot of excitement to be put into this race. But I was heavily invested in bringing the Phillies back, and it felt like… I felt guilty. I felt like it was my fault that it fell apart."

Cloyd gets call after IronPigs fall to Louisville, 6-4 -
Jeff Schuler's combined callup story and game recap mean you get two, two, two clippings in one!

NL Beasts:

See? Told Ya Baseball Is Fun! Reds 5, Braves 4. - Red Reporter
More stunning to me than a blown Kimbrel save: Dusty Baker now has more wins as a manager than Tommy Lasorda.

Mets vs White Sox Recap: Harvey's nine shutout innings, Baxter's clutch hit in tenth inning give Mets 1-0 victory - Amazin' Avenue
Harvey threw so hard that his nose bled. True story!

On the Nationals’ new rainout ticket policy
See? The prophet was right: Mo' money, mo' problems!

Well-sculpted Bushers:

Fightin Phils' Jesse Biddle named Eastern League Player of the Month
If I had to wear that abominable cap, I'd pitch for my life to get out of Reading too. Congrats, Jesse Biddle! Your time will come.

Phillies Minor League Report: Quintero homers in IronPigs' loss
Behold! System-wide tidings of joy from toolsy outfielders and marginal pitching and catching prospects! Bow down and worship them!