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Can't Stop Sweating - Giants 4 Phillies 3

The sweating is because I gave up and went for a run to start the bottom of the 8th. Whoops.

This is my base, go find your own.
This is my base, go find your own.
Thearon W. Henderson

Most the of the first 8 innings can be summed up by stating that lot's of nothing was broken up by Former Phillie Hunter Pence launching a solo homer, followed a few innings later by Forger Giant Kevin Frandsen launching a solo homer. Both teams then out of former players for the other team resorted to small ball, as the Giants performed BABiP water torture on Pettibone to gain a 2 run lead with 1 each in the 5th and 6th.

All in all, Pettibone has done exactly what you would hope from a prospect you call up to start. He's pitched okay and given the Phillies a chance by keeping scoring down and not walking many guys. He did more of that today with a solid, but unspectacular start. Meanwhile, Delmon Young played good defense and showed off a good arm (never really an issue), good judgement (usually quite the issue) and a mostly useless bat (well, mostly).

Then I decided to go for a run. Apparently while I was out Jimmy Rollins doubled (I assume it would be a triple if he wasn't coasting), Michael Young walked and then up came Chase Utley. Utley laced a single to center, Rollins scored easily as Young raced around second, eyeing 3rd all the way. Young just beat the throw and Utley was sharp enough to go to second on the throw to third. That brought up the other Young, Delmon. Delmon hit a deep fly to right, plenty of distance to score Michael Young. Chooch then flew out to Center. If a sweep was coming, it would come in extras.

In the bottom of the 9th and top of the 10th the teams traded off rally killing caught stealings at 2nd (though the concensus seemed to be that Revere was clearly jobbed and the ump made a bad call).

The bottom of the 10th brought in Antonio Bastardo. Hey, we'd survived Horst and Durbin earlier, Bastardo's got this. Eh, maybe not. Buster Posey led off with a pinch hit Single. Arias then came in to pinch hit for Lopez and bunted Posey to Second (honestly, if you're planning a sac bunt, why not just have the Pitcher do it? Especially in an extra inning game where both Lopez and Arias may be needed later). Posey advanced to Third on a wild pitch by Tony Bastard. Then Crawford walked. 1st and 3rd, one out. Quiroz then struck out swinging. Two outs. Hey, maybe there's hope here, we just have to get Torres... Line drive to Right, Posey scores. Game over.

But, hey, Doc's only going to be out most of the Summer, so it wasn't all bad. And winning 2 out of 3 against the Gints? I'll take it.

Fangraph of squiggly lines:

Source: FanGraphs