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Brewers > Phillies: 4 > 3

The Phillies lost because of simple math.

Somberly, Frandsen stared out, looking across the wasteland of crushed hopes.
Somberly, Frandsen stared out, looking across the wasteland of crushed hopes.

Four is greater than three. It's just science. I don't know what else to tell you guys.

The Phillies couldn't score more than four, and had to settle for less than four, because their starting lineup today was an abysmal shame. If there were such a thing as a "bullpen game" for the batting order, this would have been it.

CF Revere

2B Hernandez

LF Brown

1B Howard

RF Young

3B Frandsen

C Kratz

SS Galvis

P Cloyd

That is not a recipe for success. It is a recipe for losing to Milwaukee. Aside from Brown and Howard, and arguably Revere and Galvis, that is a AAA team. After looking at that lineup, you;d expect to hear about how the LeHigh Valley IronPigs lost 4-3 to the Toledo Mud Hens.

In the second, with Aramis Ramirez at third and Jonathan Lucroy at second, Logan Schafer rolled a ground ball to Delmon Young in right field. Young fielded it cleanly, and taking full advantage of his one good tool, fired a rocket to a hypothetical spot three feet under Kevin Frandsen's feet. Because Frandsen is not a mole, he was unable to come up with the ball, and Lucroy was able to score, and Schafer reached third. Delmon Young is a butthead.

But, hey, Tyler Cloyd recovered and struck out Yuniesky Betancourt and Jeff Bianchi, and retired the pitcher Wily Peralta to end the frame limiting the damage. A two run deficit isn't terrible. Most teams can expect to score two runs or more in a ballgame.

In the fifth, newly minted Hero of the Franchise Domonic Brown lined a hard single to left. After Ryan Howard singled as well, Young struck out in his best effort at killing the rally, but he couldn't even do that right. Brown stole third, and Bianchi couldn't handle a ground ball from Frandsen, allowing Brown to score. But that was it. Erik Kratz grounded out, Freddy Galvis was intentionally walked, and Cloyd grounded out.

Still, though, they got a run, and a one run deficit isn't too bad at all, really. Begin run-trading time.

In the bottom of the fifth, Rookie of the Year candidate Jean Segura tripled in Norichimichanga Aorta, pushing the score to 3-1. In the top of the sixth, Young would score on a RBI single from Kratz making it 3-2. Jonathan "Ryan Braun Wearing a Mask" Lucroy homered to make it 4-2 in the eighth.

Enter the ninth inning, and closer Francisco Rodriguez, who would face the "heart" of the Phils' order: Freddy Galvis, Jimmy Rollins pinch-hitting from his wheelchair, and Ben Revere. But Galvis led off with a solo homerun, to bring the score to 4-3. OK then. And Rollins reached on an infield single, though he had to hobble his way to first. Ok then indeed. Suddenly, the Phillies were in need of a pinch-runner. This sounds strangely familiar for some reason.

In any case, John Mayberry Jr was unavailable because he had been used as a defensive replacement at first base. Okay... So the obvious choice is Kyle Kendrick. Of course. With Kendrick on the bag, then, Revere bunted him to second. Makes sense, you only need one run at this point, and Revere is a GIDP-machine.

Then, all of a sudden, #2013Phillies. Rodriguez spun and threw to second. The throw beat Kendrick back to the bag, but Segura DROPPED THE BALL. Sadly, second base umpire Whatever Hisnameis blew the call, and ruled Kendrick out. Of course he did, because with the next pitch, Cesar Hernandez lined a double to right, for his first extra base hit. Yeah yeah predetermined outcome but still. Hernandez missed out on a game-tying RBI.

Still, though, runner on second, two outs. Not over yet, and Brown is still... oh, wait, no, they walked Brown because the next batter, the last hope for the Phils, was none other than Michael Martinez. So, yeah. You can guess how that went down.

Fangraph of I don't even care anymore.

Source: FanGraphs

The Phils lost because they suck. Plain and simple. The Phillies, as a team, considering the entire roster, aren't all that bad. They're really not. The Phillies who played today, though, sucked balls.

You know what else? It's a beautiful sunny day outside right now, and I'm gonna go help my wife in the garden. I'm done with this for now.