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Phillies Officially Sign 3rd Rd. Pick Cord Sandberg

The guy supposed to be the tough sign is the first of the Phillies picks to put ink to paper. No word on a trade for Ivan DeJesus, Jr. yet.

All your Sandbergs are belong to us
All your Sandbergs are belong to us

Prior to the draft, rumors had Sandberg wanting First Round money and some talent evaluators did rank him as borderline First Round talent. Common thinking seemed to be that the four-star QB recruit some called "Little Tebow" would forego pro baseball and take his talents to South Miss (well, Mississippi State). While I have no idea whether it played into Cord's decision or not, the same day the Phillies drafted him, the MSU Football program sanctioned itself for the next 3 seasons for recruiting violations. Within minutes feedback seemed to be that, while a solid pick, this could be Alec Rash all over again with a 3rd round pick choosing college over the Phillies. It didn't take long though for a picture of a smiling Sandberg wearing a Phillies cap to make its way around the web. Then, the Bradenton Herald reported quite quickly after the pick that Sandberg had verbally already agreed to sign. Certainly, very exciting news.

Then Cord Sandberg, the guy who was supposed to be the tough sign and who may not sign, is actually the first player to officially ink a deal with the Phillies this year. As reported by the Bradenton Herald, Sandberg officialy signed his Contract with the Phillies Saturday night. He'll come to Philly this week for a Physical and report to the GCL Phillies in Clearwater to start his pro-career when the season starts on June 21st.