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Dugout Thinker Cole Hamels Meme Generator

Yesterday, you saw him thinking (with and without chinrest). Now generate your own nifty dugout thinker meme with our patented, trademarked, and copyrighted TGP Dugout Thinker Cole Hamels Meme Generator.

Dugout Thinker.
Dugout Thinker.
Rich Schultz

Yesterday, you fell in love with the thinking side of Cole Hamels. In the dugout, with chinrest or without, Hamels is often the stunning subject of baseball photographers everywhere.

Today, let's have some fun with it. In the spirit of the modern day interwebs, we here at The Good Phight are giving you a way to turn Dugout Thinker Cole Hamels into the next Grumpy Cat, Ryan Gosling, Dos Equis guy, or Thanks Obama.

It's the Dugout Thinker Cole Hamels Meme Generator! Click the link and you can generate a Dugout Thinker Cole Hamels image with your own witty text. For example:




See how much fun this is?! Please, post your results in the comments below. Let's have some fun with our resident dugout thinker. After all, isn't that what the morning after off-days is for?

And bonus! If Cole Hamels being a dugout thinker isn't your cup of tea, we also have the Dugout Thinker Roy Halladay Meme Generator as well as the Dugout Thinker Cliff Lee Meme Generator. After all, we wouldn't want to leave them and their fans out.



Have fun and share your results!