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Phillies Stat Notes: June 14, 2013

Ben Revere and Michael Young are on pace to infamy, while Dom Brown looks to continue to make a case for the All Star team. Elsewhere, Raul Ibanez is still going strong.

Second-half team!  We hope.
Second-half team! We hope.

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10th best record in the NL, three games under .500 at the 67 game mark. Not. Good. They're in third place in the East, 7.5 games behind Atlanta, who have played no better than the Phillies after a fast start. They're also 7.5 games back in the race for the 2nd wild card spot.

The half-way point is only two weeks away now, so how do the 2013 Phillies compare to recent teams?

Games vs. .500, 2007-2013:

(click to enlarge)

At least they're ahead of 2012's dismal pace. The only glimmer of hope here is that aside from the dominant 2011 team (and 2008, before their June swoon), the 2013 Phillies are the proverbial "one good streak" away from having a record very comparable to any recent Phillies playoff team. However they're obviously older, and by all evidence to date, suckier, so the chances of that happening are looking increasingly slim.

The trade deadline is after game 107, another week past this graph, but by game 100 the Phillies front office will likely have a good idea of what they will want to do in that last week of July.


- Phillies Hitters vs. Projections
- Revere, M. Young, Ibanez chasing records, Brown chasing an All-Star spot
- Phillies Team Stats vs. 2012
- NL Standings and team stats
- Upcoming Milestones

Phillies Hitters vs. Projections


Ben Revere
Revere is heating up again, and has now hit .316/.360/.368 (.728 OPS) since the end of April, with 10 steals in 12 attempts.

He is still on pace though for one of the lowest RBI totals in history for a full season. With 7 to date, he is on track for just 17 for the year, in 539 PAs. These are the lowest totals since 1920:


Michael Young
The leadoff experiment may be over, at least as long as Revere is hitting, but Young did well there in the few games he had (25 PAs): .417/.440/.458 (.898 OPS)

However MY is still on pace for one of the highest GIDP totals ever, and now that he's out of the leadoff hole he will get more opportunities to threaten the record. He has 13 so far, which projects to 33 for the year, assuming 95% playing time the rest of the way. These are the highest totals in history:


Domonic Brown
Brown has cooled off, but still compares well with leading NL outfielders as we head towards selections for the All-Star team. Here is where he ranks among NL outfielders, and also in the NL overall:

HR (19): 1st (leading all NL overall)
RBI (48): 2nd (6th in NL)
OPS (.900): 4th (8th in NL)
wOBA (.377): 5th (11th in NL)
fWAR (1.4): 13th, hurt by defense
rWAR (2.2): 9th (18th in NL)

Below are the NL outfielders with the highest OPS so far. Justin Upton, Carlos Beltran, and Bryce Harper (.973 OPS, but not enough PAs to qualify), are the leading vote getters in the latest balloting. Last year the NL took eight reserve outfielders to the All-star game, and based on OPS (as well as his HR and RBI numbers), Brown would appear to have a good shot if he can stay around his year-to-date pace:


Raul Ibanez
Finally, old friend Raul is hitting .226/.270/.506 (.776 OPS) in Seattle. That doesn't look like much, but a 117 OPS+ would be the 9th highest by a player 41 or older since 1900, and the only players with a higher OPS+ have been Barry Bonds (2006-07), Stan Musial (1962), Carlton Fisk (1989-90), Honus Wagner (1915-16), and Luke Appling (1949).

In addition, with 13 home runs so far he's on pace for 31 for the year, joining this group of players who have hit 30 at age 41 or older:


Yep, Ibanez is on pace to become the first player in major league history to hit 30 home runs in his age 41 season.

Here is everyone who hit 13 or more at age 41+...


See also: Raul Things Part 2: Thirtysomething Star

Phillies Team Stats vs. 2012


Colorado has been an offensive powerhouse this year, and for a change, they're also hitting very well on the road, leading the NL in both road Slugging Pct, and road OPS.


Pitching and Defense


NL Standings and Team Stats

Colorado is in 3rd place in the West, 2.5 games behind division leading Arizona, and 4.5 games back in the race for a wildcard spot.



Milestones likely to be reached over the next week or so...

Jimmy Rollins
- Rollins' RBI yesterday moved him past Bobby Abreu into 9th most in Phils history, with 815.
- Two more stolen bases (8 total) will tie him with Ed Delahanty for 2nd on the Phillies all-time list, at 411. The 19th century's Billy Hamilton, who holds the Phillies record with 508, will survive the Rollins era as the team's all-time leader.
- He also needs 3 more home runs to reach 200 for his career, becoming the 10th Phillie to do so. That will make Rollins just the 9th player (and only shortstop) in MLB history to have 2,000 hits, 400 stolen bases, and 200 home runs.

Chase Utley
- Utley's next HBP will tie him with Hall of Fame outfielder Fred Clarke for20th place all-time, at 153.

Ryan Howard
- He needs 5 RBIs (37 for the year) to tie Sam Thompson (1889-98) for 5th most in team history at 957. Ahead of him will still be Chuck Klein (983), Del Ennis (1,124), Ed Delahanty (1,286), and Mike Schmidt (1,595).

Michael Young
- Young stands at 997 career RBIs, and needs 3 more (16 total) to reach 1,000.

Cole Hamels
- His next starts (15th this year) will tie Curt Schilling for 6th most in Phillies history with 226.
- His next win (3rd this year) will tie him with Kid Carsey (1892-97) for 11th on the Phils' all-time list, at 94.
- The one after that (4th) will tie Tully Sparks (1897, 1903-10) for 10th.
- He needs 20 strikeouts (102 total) to tie Grover Cleveland Alexander (1911-17, 1930) for 5th most in Phils history.

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