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Flailing Toward Mediocrity: John Lannan Activated, Jeremy Horst to DL

Flailing is a good word for the 2013 Phillies.

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

According to every single Phillies beat writer (and the Phillies themselves), Jeremy Horst has been placed on the disabled list. While the official cause is a left elbow strain, the unofficial cause is excessive sucking. Traded by the Reds for Wilson Valdez, Horst performed brilliantly out of the bullpen last year once he was brought up from the minors. It was like finding a diamond on the ground when you expected to find turds.

But that was then, and this is now. While Horst may have been a victim of bad luck at the beginning of the season, that time has long since passed. In 28 games and 26 innings, he has a robust 6.23 ERA. I was expecting him to be sent down to the minors, but a DL stint does the same thing -- it gets him off the roster for awhile.

Of course, this makes room for John Lannan, who was activated from the disabled list today. He'd been there since mid-April (two whole months ago) with a strained left quad. He returns just in time to face his old friends the Nationals. Friends may not be entirely accurate since the organization kind of seemed to hate him while he was there.

Will John Lannan make his old team pay? Will Jeremy Horst require an elbow amputation? DRAMA! INTRIGUE! Tune in tonight for the latest installment of THE PHILLIES: FLAILING TOWARD MEDIOCRITY.