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Rehab Games are for Losers: Chooch Activated from DL

Chooch is back, so let us rejoice and be glad.

Thumbs up to you, Chooch. Thumbs up to you.
Thumbs up to you, Chooch. Thumbs up to you.

After just two rehab games, the Phillies have activated everyone's favorite catcher, Carlos Ruiz, from the disabled list. He'd taken up residence there since May 20 when he was sidelined by a right hamstring strain. Prior to that, he'd only played in 16 games -- he was reinstated from suspension on April 28. In those 16 games, Chooch has a .235/.286/.275 line. I'm sure he hopes to improve on that.

Of course, when someone joins the team, someone must also leave it. Today we say a fond farewell (or maybe just farewell) to Steven Lerud. His five plate appearances have netted him a .000 batting average, a marked decline from his .200 average in his 10 major league plate appearances last year. I wish I could say it was just a small sample size, but his numbers from the minors would beg to differ loudly and with authority. So goodbye, Steven Lerud. Until the next time we need a warm body.

And now, a mid-afternoon song. I think we all hope that Chooch stays with the Phillies just a little bit longer this time. Or a lot. How about a lot longer.