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2013 Phillies Draft Preview- The other guys

Honestly I ran out of time to review every guy the Phillies might pick and a few personal faves got left on the cutting room floor. In no particular order, here are some other faves and a few notes on them.

Aaron Judge - I lied. There's a reason I'm starting here and it's because I can't think of many prospects like Judge. He's essentially an NFL Defensive End with a baseball bat. He's a massive 6'7" 260 lb Outfielder. Weirdly he's athletic enough that he may be able to play Right Field in the Pros, but a move to First is likely at some point fairly early in his career. He's a Right handed hitter and thrower. His massive size has its positives (enormous power potential. When he connects with a ball he leaves behind a pile of sawdust at the plate), but also it's negatives (A strike zone you can fit Rhode Island into). His swing needs to be lengthened a little to get his insane raw power to show up in games more, but he is athletic enough to probably go in the back end of round 1 or very, very early in round 2. I didn't have time to do a full profile but other SBN sites did. Crawfish Boxes (Astros) take. The Minor League Ball take. Lookout Landing (Mariners) take (with Bonus JP Crawford report).

Hunter Renfroe - Renfroe's an OF from Mississippi State. Renfroe's a bit of a late bloomer. His Freshman and Sophmore seasons were somewhat dissapointing, but his Junior year his Power started showing up, big time. He has plus power, but a lot of people question his hit tool. At the end of the day, if you can't make contact, it doesn't matter how good your power is. His position is a bit of a question too. He can play Right, Catcher or he's also a Pitcher with a 94 mph Fastball. If everything comes together he could be really, really good, but to me the hit tool is the most important. It doesn't matter how great your speed or power is if you can't ever make contact to use them. Minor League Balls take on Refroe.

Oscar Mercado - A more likely Second Round pick for the Phillies, Mercado is an absolute top notch defender by all accounts. Possibly Freddy Galvis quality with the leather. The downside is he may not be as good with the pine as Galvis. That's saying something, I know. He's committed to Florida State, and it could be imagined that he may want to go the college route if he slips into the Second Round with the hope he can hit and boost his stock into the First round in a few years. Minor League Ball's take here.

Kevin Ziomek - Another guy who's more likely a Second Rounder. If you want a Pitcher, Vanderbilt is a helluva place to start, as they've been cranking out top guys for some years now. Ziomek is a 6'3" Lefty with mid-90's heat and mechanics he sometimes struggles to repeat. He has Top of the First Round talent, but will likely fall to the Second because of his mechanics. He's a Fastball/Change Pitcher, primarilly, with a solid Slurve. Crawfish. Minor League Ball.

Nick Ciuffo - If this Phillies want him, they'll have to jump on him in the First. He might be a little high at 16, but you can't trade picks in the MLB Draft, so you take your guys where you can. Ciuffo is a Catcher from South Carolina and most reports think he's good enough to provide value both at and behind the dish. High School Catchers are insanely risky picks due to the demands and injury risks of the position a lot of bats stagnate leaving guys stranded in Double-A or moving to First without enough power for the spot. If McGuire or Ciuffo somehow lasted until Round 2, they are no-brainer picks, well worth the inherent risks. It takes guts to draft a High School Catcher in Round 1 though. Crawfish. Minor League Ball.

Andrew Knapp- Best I can tell no relation to Former Phillies Prospect Jason Knapp. This Knapp is a Catcher and probably the top College Backstop this year. He's probably a Second to Third Round guy. Junior at Cal. Good bat speed, solid behind the dish. Patient hitter who doesn't K too often. His Dad was a pro Catcher for 10 years in the 80's and 90's topping out in AAA. Knapp's a likely Second or Third Rounder.

Sean Manaea - A lock for the Top 10 in the preseason the Indiana University Lefty struggled some this season with his control. Manaea injured his hip early this spring and seemed to alter his delivery to compensate. Then on May 21st Manaea was shut down for throwing shoulder tightness. Any mention of shoulder problems will be likely to turn off some teams and could cause the Lefty to drop. The Phillies took a similar chance on Joe Savery in the 2007 draft. Of course, it's always possible that Manaea decides he can be a Top 10 pick in 2014 when healthy and return to school for his Senior year. He'd be a risky pick on a few levels.