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Crowdsourced Future Phillies Second Base

This is a two man race, but it's pretty competitive.

Mini-Ryan Braun looks very scared as Youngzilla prepares to eat him.
Mini-Ryan Braun looks very scared as Youngzilla prepares to eat him.
Mike McGinnis

The Only rule here is that the Players must currently be playing Second Base. So, no projecting guys from elsewhere. Of course, that rule does not leave many options.

Cesar Hernandez

Strengths: Switch hitter with above-average contact skills from both sides of the plate. Line drive hitter, not a strict pull hitter, sprays to all parts of the field. Respectable walk rate. Natural Defender at Second Base where he profiles to be above-average with the glove.

Weaknesses: No power. Will likely never hit double digit Home Runs in a season, probably tops out around 5-7 Homers in a peak, career year. He's a sucker for breaking balls, but is inconsistent in connecting on them. Without power, MLB pitchers will have little need to stay away from his bat, so he'll be likely to get a steady diet of strikes, limiting his walk potential. No backup position. He's either a Starting Second Baseman, or he's a career minor leaguer.

Andrew Pullin

Strengths: Solid Contact hitter with skills for above-average OBP. Average power potential for the position. Good hitting mechanics, in spit of an unusual setup.

Weaknesses: Very limited experience at Second Base. If he can't stick at Second he's probably a Steve Susdorf like Org filler as he doesn't have enough power for the Corner Outfield spots. Pullin's tools are average across the board.

Second Base is kind of an Island of Misfit toys position and is usually the place where guys without Shortstop range or Third Base arms go. So usually no one starts out as a Second Baseman and some guys don't make the switch until they get further up the development ladder.