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One Michael Gone, One Michael Back, Still no Michael Jack.

Michael Young back from the bereavement list, Michael Martinez back to AAA. Yeah guys.

Where have all the good guys gone?
Where have all the good guys gone?
Darryl Norenberg-US PRESSWIRE

I never thought I'd be happy to hear the words "Michael Young is Back", but he's back. And in a fairly interesting move, the Phillies have let Michael Martinez go back to AAA in favor of keeping Cesar Hernandez around a little longer.

Hernandez has played in 5 games, and started the last four at second base in Chase Utley's absence. It should be interesting to see how Charlie Manuel divvies up the time at second between Freddy Galvis and Hernandez. That said, Hernandez is strictly a second baseman, has started the last four games there, and if I'm a betting man that will continue till Utley is back. They want to get a LONG, GOOD look at what he can do between now and the trade deadline for sure.

Hernandez is 5-19 so far, but as a starter in four games he's 5-17. He is out of options after this season, meaning that if he is not on the active 25-man roster next year, he must be exposed to waivers, where someone will claim him.

But yeah, this is about Michael Young and Michael Martinez.

Martinez still sucks, but at least he'll be sucking in the minors.

While up, Martinez played in three games, came to the plate twice and aside from not getting a hit when he had no business being at the plate the other day, had absolutely no effect on the team. That said, with both Martinez and Durbin gone this week, fans will need to turn their attention to a new scapegoat.

Michael Young will continue to try and break the world record for most GIDP in a season.

Neither deserve to hold the same first name as the guy in the picture...

Catz out.