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Oh, c'mon. Seriously? Dodgers 4 - Phillies 3

The Phillies managed only 3 runs off 11 Hits and wasted a nice Start by Cliff Lee.

No, no, I got it.
No, no, I got it.
Lisa Blumenfeld

It started well enough. Utley, after a blink and you'd miss it AB by Michael Young, blasted a Homer into the Right Field bleachers and the Phils were up 1-0. Hey, I might be recapping a win. Then the bottom of the first happened. Cliff Lee didn't look sharp, Puig got a solid hit, Lee gave up a walk and Hanley Ramirez hit a ball about 440 feet to nearly dead Center. Suddenly it was 3-1. Oh, this feels more like it. Then Lee started cruising.

Utley came up again in the 4th (after a blink and you'd miss it ground out by Michael Young) and launched another no doubt Home Run. Phillies down 3-2. In the 5th, Lee ran into some trouble, loading the bases on 2 walks and a Single with no one out. Lee then got A.J. Ellis to ground weakly to the Pitcher for a 1-2-3 Double Play. Runners on Second and Third with 2 outs. Lee got out #3 on a groundout, end of threat with no runs scored.

There's something I really like about watching Dodgers games. Palm trees and the soothing pipes of Vin Scully. Scully's really the last of the great announcers. It's amazing to hear a guy, with no help from a color guy do both the Play-by-Play and Color and converse directly with you in a one sided conversation that still feels natural. He makes the occasional mistake, sure, but try talking solid for nearly 3 hours, while trying to be interesting, engaging and accurate. That's a damned hard feat.

Back to the game, in the Eighth it was still 3-2 and the Phillies managed with 1 out to load the bases. Well, all Chooch needs to do it hit something to the outfield, but deep enough that even Delmon Young can "run" home on the Tag. Instead Chooch grounded a ball to Juan Uribe, who easily threw out Young's light jog towards Home, but just missed getting Chooch at First for the DP. Frandsen then pinch-hit for Lee and smoked a ball to Short, which Hanley essentially smothered to death, then tossed to Mark Ellis to end the Inning. Worth noting in this inning is that Paco Rodriguez has a really weird ass delivery. He winds up, then kinda stops so everyone can see the ball, then proceeds to throw it Home. I have no idea how the hell that can be effective.

Speaking of someone more effective than expected, JC Ramirez came on in relief of Lee and made getting Mark Ellis and Yasiel Puig out look quite easy. He then left so the sometimes erratic Jake Diekman could scare the bejesus out of Adrian Gonzalez for a bit. He got a weak grounder to First. Well, that was easy.

In the top of the Ninth, Michael Young laced a single down the line, on which Puig somehow stopped before getting to it, allowing Young to get to Second. Puig had earlier booted a hit by Ben Revere into the Bleachers (good thing for the Dodgers that time, as I honestly think Revere would easily gotten to Third and maybe even gotten an Inside the Park HR, were it not for the weird Ground Rule Double). Utley then grounded out, but moved Young to Third. Were it not for Puig's poor ability to judge depth, that would have been an easy Double Play. Rollins then came up and flew out to Center. Young held at Third, but Matt Kemp's throw was closer to Adrian Gonzalez than it was AJ Ellis, so Young took off and scored easily. Game tied. Holy cow, maybe I'll be recapping a win after all. Dom Brown then tripled to Left Center. Oh, I'm getting giddy now. Delmon Young struck out to end the threat.

Justin de Fratus came on to pitch the 9th and gave up a single to Ramirez, but struck out Kemp. He then walked Andre Ethier. AJ Ellis then got a single and Hanley Ramirez beat Delmon Young's throw home by about a foot. Dodgers win 4-3. Fangraph of my jinx:

Source: FanGraphs