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Catz Corner: A Reluctant Thank You To Ruben Amaro

The guy has done a lot of stupid stuff. He's made a lot of bonehead decisions. But the one decision he did (or didn't make) is the one that will likely define him, and for that, I have to say thank you.

Don't worry kid. I got your back.
Don't worry kid. I got your back.
Len Redkoles

The following letter is en route to Ruben Amaro. Seriously. I wrote it, and I sent it. Cause every now and then, even the baddest of the bad guys need to know that there's good deep down in the pit of their black lifeless hearts. Cause maybe they'll change. Right? ...

Dear Ruben,

My name is Joecatz. I am a contributor at a Phillies blog, You may remember me from my recent parody of why in gods name you guys chose to call up Michael Martinez, or The letter i wrote a while back, asking for a job.

Now, over the years I've written some pretty nasty stuff about you. Most of it was warranted, and frankly most of it probably still is warranted. Before I go any further, you should know that I still believe you're running this organization into the ground, your blatant disregard for the use of saber-metric analysis will be your downfall, and by now you should really understand that spending money on veteran relievers is both a waste of resources, roster space and prospect development, not to mention a detriment to the team you put on the field. But I digress. those are issues for another time, and another place.

It pains me deeply to say these words to you, but I have to. You need to hear it.

I want say thank you.

Thank you for never giving up on Domonic Brown. Thank you for refusing to include him in trades for Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee, Roy Oswalt, and Hunter Pence. Thank you for not listening to the media, or the fans, or probably the countless number of coaches, staff, scouts and consiglieres who told you he was never going to reach the potential that I know YOU always saw in him.

Thank you for always seeing that potential. I know you did, I know deep down inside your smugging a smug little smile right now, owning a shit eating smug little grin, and just wishing you could scream I F&^%$#@G TOLD YOU SO!! to anyone and everyone who tried to push you off of the Dom Brown train. But you never did. You chugged along like a good little conductor. You fed the coal to the engine, and never let the train slide off the tracks. Even when the tracks were gone, the train was stopped, and the wolves were circling the doors. Thank you for also realizing that when the wolves were at the door, begging for blood, that you had to get him away from them for him to find himself again.

Thank you for hiring Steve Henderson and Wally Joyner. Thank you for making him win a job, but stacking the deck so it was pretty easy for him to do it. I mean c'mon. Like you didn't know he was gonna beat out Ruf and a one legged Delmon Young! If I didn't know better, I'd think you PURPOSELY DIDN'T SIGN A REAL FREE AGENT OUTFIELDER BECAUSE YOU WERE AFRAID IT WOULD HAVE BEEN A DETRIMENT TO DOM BROWN!! LOL!!!

Thank you for laughing at Jed Hoyer or Theo Epstien, when they offered (if it really happened) Alfonso Soriano for him. And thank you for hanging up or saying no to what I'm sure were countless other phone calls that no one knows about. Thanks for not trading him for Mike Olt, if that one came up, man is HE STINKING IT UP!

Thank you for giving him 4 at bats and nine innings in the field every day of his career with the Phillies save 2 weeks in August in 2010. Thank you for making sure he developed into an everyday player, rather than relegating him to a bench guy. Thank you for never giving up on him by letting him stay in Philly to collect dust in 2011. In hindsight, it was probably the best thing for him.

And thank you for letting me watch him blossom into this glorious player as a member of the Philadelphia Phillies. If this were happening someplace else it would be the straw that broke the camel's back of an otherwise uneventful season. It would literally be too much for me to bear. I would be devastated, heartbroken, and inconsolable, and so too would thousands of fans like me, and man would Cataldi never let you hear the end of it!

"I always said he was gonna be a star!"

Thank you for making me care about this otherwise shit-storm of a season.

But most of all, thank you for giving my son a hero again. Thank you for the joy that comes into my life every morning when the first thing my 6 year old wants to do is see what Dom did last night while he was asleep. When I was a boy I'd check the box scores in the morning to see what Mike Schmidt had done the night before. My kid (and David Cohen's kid, and probably thousands of other kids in the Delaware Valley) are doing that with Dom now.

Mostly though, thank you for giving us this gift in what has otherwise been a pretty unbearable season. It may not last, (I think we both know it will) but you deserve to hear that you did something right in my book. Long after you are gone (and I hate to say it Ruben, but I don't think even Dom Brown can save you. Eventually everyone pays the piper.) People will look back and they won't talk about the Pence trade, or the Cliff Lee Trade, or Delmon Young, or how you extended Ryan Howard.

No sir.

In the annals of Phillies History, You, Ruben Amaro, will be known as the man who didn't give up on Domonic Brown.

And for that, and only that, you have my everlasting thanks.

Can we talk about that analytics job now?



Catz Out.