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Catz Corner: It's Time to Cut Ties with Delmon Young

The first of Delmon Young's contract escalators hits if he's on the roster Saturday. If the Phillies are smart, they'll part ways before then.

Admit it, you're excited a little
Admit it, you're excited a little

For those of you that are unaware, Delmon Young's contract with the Phillies has some pretty interesting bonuses.

The Phillies signed Delmon to a $750,000 guaranteed contract. In addition to that money he receives or received the following:


$1,500,000 in performance bonuses. ($150,000 each for 250, 300, 350 and 400 PA, plus $200,000 for 450 and 500, and $250,000 for 550 and 600)

Additionally, he received $250,000 the day he was put on the 25 man roster, and will earn an additional $100,000 each at 40, 80, 120 and 160 days.

So to recap, Delmon has likely already made $1,100,000 so far on the season.

He has played in 30 games, and has amassed 111 PA, and has been on the roster for 35 days.

What this means is that on Saturday, if my math is correct, Should Delmon still be around, he'll get an additional $100,000.

It's pretty obvious to see that there's a little more to the Phillies pulling him late in games than just ability. They're trying to control his plate appearances a bit here too.

But if they don't cut ties this week, the Phillies will face an interesting dilemma during the All Star Break.

Based on the 3.3 PA Delmon is averaging, and the calendar, if he's on the roster on July 18th, he'll receive another 100,000. He should also be right at roughly 240 plate appearances. So another $150,000 triggers there in a few games, provided he's getting the same playing time. Assuming another weigh-in bonus, that means $350,000 plus the $100,000 more on Saturday.

And after the All Star Break, Delmon gets another $150,000 every 15 days, if he's playing.

So to put this in perspective, Delmon has made $1,100,000. If he's on the roster at the Trade deadline and gets to 300 plate appearances, that figure likely spikes to about $1,800,000.

The long and short of this is that barring a crazy spike in production over the next 30 days, its highly unlikely that Delmon Young is with this team come mid-July. If they are in it, they'll trade for someone, and if they are out of it, they'll call someone up rather than pay Delmon a boatload of cash to be mediocre. The contract was designed that way for a reason. I see no scenario where this team continues to pay Delmon Young $150,000 every two weeks past the All Star break unless he suddenly becomes someone other than Delmon Young.

So the question becomes, what do the Phillies have to gain by keeping him another month?

I can't find an answer.

John Mayberry may have sealed Delmon's fate last night with his two Home Run performance. Mayberry provides similar if not better production than Delmon both historically and currently, and is a superior fielder. In addition, the Phillies have been subbing for Young recently and that left them in the awkward position last night of having to pinch hit Kyle Kendrick late in the game.

Delmon is out of the lineup today, in favor of Mayberry. Call that a reward for last night, and a day game after a night game. If Mayberry hits, and he's in again tomorrow? Call it trouble for Delmon.

With Ryan Howard ailing, the logical move here would be to DFA Delmon Young, and call up Darin Ruf. Let Ruf play against tough LH pitchers to give Howard a rest now and then and regroup when Utley is healthy.

This isn't about the $100,000. It's about the chemistry, the camaraderie, and the youth movement too. Look at the picture from last night above. This team is having some fun again. Brown is on fire, Hernandez and Galvis are filling in admirably, and sometimes giving these guys a shot is the way to go. If not Ruf, then bring up Jermaine Mitchell. Or Leandro Castro, or anyone, really.

As soft as the Phillies schedule is the rest of this month, It just makes too much sense.

Which is why it won't happen.

Catz Out.