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With the 16th Overall Pick, the Phillies Select Shortstop JP Crawford

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At pick 16 in the 2013 MLB Rule Four Draft, the Phillies have selected High School Shortstop JP Crawford from the SoCal Lakewood High School. Crawford was given some very fine description by our own Cormican before the draft. While Cormican was not particularly sanguine about Crawford -- due to the risk of drafting high school shortstops and due to a paucity of video -- the Shortstop is toolsy and has fairly tempting projectability. Also, his best tool has been described as an ability to stick at short, which ain't a bad tool at all.

The Perfect Game servers have seemingly been driven to complete distraction, but here is his profile, which has stats and video. Also, you should probably prepare for a lot of talk on sports radio as to what this means for Jimmy Rollins. Just remember, the short answer is: nothing for at least the rest of his career. My admittedly uninformed opinion here is to be fairly delighted with another talented warm body at shortstop. We'll have much, much follow up either affirming this belief or calling me an utter fool and charlatan.

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