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Phillies 3rd Round Picks - Cord Sandberg, Jan Hernandez

I'm getting rather excited about this Draft and so should you. The Phillies are taking a rather weak draft and leaving with a potentially strong class.

These young ladies are very excited about this Draft so far.
These young ladies are very excited about this Draft so far.
Brian Garfinkel

Cord Sandberg is a very, very exciting pick. He's a First Round talent who lasted until the Third Round for 2 reasons. First, he's a two sport guy, so he's mostly projection right now. He's unpolished as a baseball player, but he has considerable raw tools. The Phillies, if they can sign him, will hope to develop the skills that allow him to tap into his considerable power potential and defensive talents. The second reason is he'll be a tough sign. He has a commitment to play Quarterback for Mississippi State. This is where Drafting Knapp looks smart.

Sandberg is a 6'3" 215 lb Center Fielder (may need to move to Right if he grows). He throws and bats Left. He has Plus Power Potential and enough Arm for Right. The ceiling is tremendous, as is the risk. He could be another Dom Brown, or he could be the next Anthony Hewitt. Not a bad risk in the middle of the Third Round.

The other pick was Jan Hernandez, a Shortstop from Puerto Rico's Carlos Beltran Academy (c'mon, he isn't even retired and he has an academy?). Hernandez should be another underslot sign. He's only a very slight overdraft like Knapp, but freeing up a few dollars here and there could allow them to actually go overslot enough to sign Sandberg. Hernandez is likely a 3rd baseman in the Pros and he's similar in size to Sandberg coming in at 6'3" 200 lbs at 18 years old. He has above average Defensive upside and it's not crazy to hope he can stick at Short. His speed is subpar, but he won't clog the basepaths. As a hitting prospect he's awesome with plus power potential.

Video of Hernandez:

Video of Sandberg: