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Coulda Shoulda Woulda: Brewers 5, Phillies 4

The winning streak had to end sometime.

Mike McGinnis

The Phillies are back at .500 as their five-game winning streak came to an end with tonight's 5-4 loss to the Brewers. It had to end sometime, of course. Though I'm not sure if I'd rather they lose on a blowout game or what tonight's game was -- a close game they could have won, but got away from them in the end.

Cliff Lee looked mortal tonight, spreading eight hits over seven innings. He still notched nine strikeouts, but the Brewers ran his pitch count up. He gave up two runs in the fourth, an inning that included a rundown play between third base and home plate that looked like it should have had the Benny Hill theme song playing behind it. Then again, Yakety Sax is always appropriate when Yuniesky Betancourt is... well, doing anything.

The Phillies offense had their big burst of energy in the fourth, scoring three runs on an Erik Kratz home run, his eighth of the year. On top of the first inning run that John Mayberry scored on a Jimmy Rollins single, that brought the score to 4-2. The Phillies wouldn't get another runner across the plate for the remaining five innings.

You can really boil this game down to two decisions, both made at the start of the seventh inning -- letting Lee go back out to pitch the seventh, and not replacing Delmon Young in right field. Lee had played with fire in the sixth inning, and was lucky to escape unscathed. His pitch count was high (at 101 at the start of the inning), but for some reason Charlie Manuel let him go back out, a decision that wouldn't really work out the way he'd planned. Norichika Aoki started the inning with a walk, and then scored on a triple to far right field from Jean Segura. And then the herpy-derpy defensive combo of Delmon Young and Freddy Galvis allowed Jean Segura to score from third when Galvis' throw went right past Kratz. The game was tied 4-4 going into the eighth inning.

Delmon Young had a chance to redeem himself with one out in the eighth. Both Ryan Howard and Domonic Brown were on base -- Howard was hit by a pitch, and Brown walked (*GASP*). Young swung at the first pitch and grounded into a double play. I hate him. The Brewers ended up winning it in the bottom of the ninth after Jeremy Horst gave up three straight singles. Back to the Horst stables with him! (HAR HAR HAR HAR.)

Michael Young batted lead-off again tonight. That's not a bad way to cut down on his double plays -- make sure there's no one on base in front of him.

This Fangraph gets really depressing at the end. Look away! It's hideous!

Source: FanGraphs