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A Gorz Cure for a Hangover: Phillies at Brewers Gamethread, June 8, 2013

Is there any way tonight's game could end worse than last night's? Yes! But probably not, no.

"Huuuuuuuuurmph!" - T. Gorzelanny
"Huuuuuuuuurmph!" - T. Gorzelanny

So, you know the cure for a heartbreaking Phillies loss due to flagrant bullpen mismanagement? This seems like one of those questions with a lot of answers: a sixpack of your most sabermetrically approved beer; a pint of ice cream for yourself and your best friend you; an all-expenses paid trip to Prague. But if food, drink, and travel aren't quite in the cards for you tonight, I have good news -- another great cure from a letdown game is to have the very next game "started" by Tom Gorzelanny.

If Gorzelanny's name sounds familiar to you, it may be from when he was an okay (see: 4.00 ERA/FIP/xFIP/ETAL) starter for the Nationals. Since then, he has been pitching out of the 'pen, first for the Nationals last year and then for the Brewers this year. He actually did fairly well for the Nats last year, and he has a great 2.01 ERA for the Brew Crew this year. Underlying that ERA, however, is a far juicier 5.49 FIP and 4.96 xFIP. This is over a radically small sample size (22.1 innings), but is undeniably earned, with a boggling 6.45 BB/9. So the key tonight is patience.

Also, over his 14 plate appearances, Jimmy Rollins has a 417/500/583 line against Gorz, so there's a matchup to watch.

Still, watch the Phillies just totally crap all over my analysis and strike out 16 times in a bullpen game. Ah well, I'll be hanging out with L. Roscher in the wilds of Chicago, far away from MLB TV and such like. Y'all will have to watch the pain or gain on your own. I trust you.

Discuss my misplaced trust in all of you, as well as the game, below.

Current Series

4 game series vs Brewers @ Miller Park

Thu 06/06 WP: Tyler Cloyd (2 - 2)
LP: Wily Peralta (4 - 7)
5 - 1 win
Fri 06/07 WP: Francisco Rodriguez (1 - 0)
LP: Jeremy Horst (0 - 2)
4 - 5 loss

Philadelphia Phillies
@ Milwaukee Brewers

Saturday, Jun 8, 2013, 7:15 PM EDT
Miller Park

Mostly cloudy. Winds blowing in from center field at 5-10 m.p.h. Game time temperature around 65.

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Tom Gorzelanny

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