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2013 Phillies Draft Rounds 20-40 Recap

Rounds 20-40 are often filled with raw prospects and organizational filler. It mostly was this year as well, but there were some familiar names and interesting prospects taken.


Well, the interesting stuff started early with the Phillies taking a familiar name. Mark Leiter, Jr, whose father pitched (not particularly well) for the Phillies in the late 90's. Junior pitched for the New Jersey Institute of Technology. He stands 6'0" (or 6'1" per the NJIT website) and weighs 195 lbs and like Dad, he's a Righty. He has a bit of an issue with Walks. He made some headlines this year for for Striking out 20 batters in a single game. The competition was Chicago State (well, that seems awful self important), so there's a grain of salt factor, but for the 22nd round it seems like a good, worthwhile risk. Here's Leiter striking out his 20th hitter of the night in a very nice looking, pretty empty stadium.

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The Phillies weren't done drafting former player's kids, as they took Cavan Biggio in the 29th round. Cavan was the 67th ranked prospect by BA. He has a commitment to Notre Dame and dropped out of the First 2 rounds due to that College commitment and a very high asking price. Craig Biggio, who works for the Houston Astros as a special assistant to the GM told the Houston Chronicle that Cavan is looking forward to college and will not sign with the Phillies.So, while it was exciting to see, the Phillies never had a chance of signing him. Even if he were willing to forego College, he wants much more money than the Phillies can offer. This might have been about blocking another team from taking him. It might have been about developing a relationship for 3 years from now if the Phillies want to draft him. It may also just be that the Phillies decided to take a shot and if he was signable. It was probably the first thing though.

The third guy I found interesting is a very lanky 6'9" 220 lb RHP from Yavapai College in Arizona named Matt Southard. He's interesting largely because of his size and the potential that can carry for velocity (and inconsistent mechanics). He's been pitching in relief, but might be a nice guy to Start for a season or two to work through his mechanical kinks. Like all tall pitchers he struggle with walks and that can be tough to work through in short stints of playing time. I did, weirdly find one video of him having his pitching mechanics analyzed. Take it for what it is, but it is interesting to see guys the Phillies just drafted.

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Other picks included Mark Meadors a Juco Pitcher who seems to have decent-ish control (less than 3 walks per 9 innings, unfortunately also averages about 3 HBP per 9 innings).

Venn Biter, a 6'1" 181 lb Outfielder from Tennessee with a commitment to play for University of Alabama-Birmingham. Reported to be a hard worker with some power potential.

Dalton Dulin a 5'8" 165 lb High School Middle Infielder who should be an average to above-average fielder and can hit a bit. He was an Under Armour All American in 2012, so there is prospect video of him, see below. Lot's of Dustin Pedroia comps. He has a commitment to Memphis. Interesting pick, were it not for the height I think he'd have gone much higher. He's a Switch Hitter, but better from the Left side. Hard worker and has a few workout videos on youtube to prove it.

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