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American tragedies: White Sox at Phillies, gamethread July 14, 2013

How the Phillies are like a great American novel, but also probably why they aren't, too.

Come back plz
Come back plz
Hunter Martin

Let's not hash out all of the bad stuff that happened last night. We got a politically divisive court ruling, a dead teen icon, and a broken centerfielder.

The last one, light as it is, is what might most occupy us here, anyway. Ben Revere, if you have not cursed God and man, crying out to the dull void in useless supplication to your dead hopes in the thread Liz put up last night, then stop by there for details and catharsis. Revere has a broken foot, and while there's no official timeline yet, count it as 4-6 weeks and you'll be just about there. As schmenkman noted in last night's thread, Revere was 16th in MLB in fWAR over the last month, and he was the leader in hits overall. Guy was putting it all together.

And now because no one can hit a flyball, the Phillies might be out of contention, or on the brink of trading for Alex Rios, Hunter Pence, or whatever mediocre CF option you could imagine. Maybe they'll sell the farm for Nate Schierholtz! Admit it: that's what would happen if Shakespeare were writing this season.

Anyway, the fact remains, daunted as the Phillies chances may be without their suddenly hot centerfielder, there is still baseball to play. So, we go on, boats in the current, etc, etc. Like The Great Gatsby, but like the popfiction one about class-passing zombies in flapper gowns and second-hand suits. The green light is the trade deadline, and the part where they find Gatsby dead (SPOILERS) is when Ruben realizes the team is in an unbreakable bind. Oh, also, the J. Eckleburg billboard where it's just giant glasses looking over the city is the ownership team. And Wheels is the woman who Gatsby and Daisy hit with the car! And Delmon represents the novel's implicitly racist nationalism!!

...I blacked out there for a second. Ah well, the moral of the story is that we just need to keep on keeping on. There's baseball to watch, and that's something at least. Let's enjoy it while we can.

Current Series

4 game series vs White Sox @ Citizens Bank Park

Fri 07/12 Postponed
Sat 07/13 WP: Ramon Troncoso (1 - 2)
SV: Addison Reed
LP: J.C. Ramirez (0 - 1)
4 - 5 loss
Sat 07/13 WP: Joe Savery (2 - 0)
LP: Simon Castro (0 - 1)
2 - 1 win

Chicago White Sox
@ Philadelphia Phillies

Sunday, Jul 14, 2013, 1:35 PM EDT
Citizens Bank Park

Jose Quintana vs Cole Hamels

Partly cloudy. Winds blowing out to right field at 5-10 m.p.h. Game time temperature around 90.

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Jose Quintana

#62 / Pitcher / Chicago White Sox





Jan 24, 1989

Cole Hamels

#35 / Pitcher / Philadelphia Phillies





Dec 27, 1983

Both a teenaged and college-aged song, respectively, about disappointment. Warning; the first song is calibrated schmaltzangst for your listening displeasure.

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