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Fanpost Challenge: Favorite and Least Favorite Phillies Game

We want to hear from you -- what is your favorite and least favorite Phillies game?

Chris Trotman

Meaningful, non-annoying baseball has gone dormant for a few days, leaving us alone with our thoughts and without Phillies games to watch. So what is there to do? How are we to prevent our thoughts from drifting to a place where Chase Utley is wearing another uniform and we have to watch Cliff Lee get traded AGAIN?

We here at The Good Phight have a solution for you: think of something else! Or, in this case, think about what we're telling you to think about.

We're issuing a fanpost challenge to you, our faithful and loyal readers and commenters, to help kill the time between now and the next Phillies game. Tell us: What is your favorite and least favorite Phillies game? We want to know what sticks out in your memory and why. Don't worry if you can't remember precise dates or even the exact players -- we're not looking for annotated research papers, we just want great stories.

Your dedicated TGP staff will read every single fanpost submitted until Friday morning (July 19). Then, we'll collectively pick our favorites and feature them on the front page of The Good Phight, the very site you're on right now. The author of our number one favorite will get the chance to write a guest post on TGP about the Phillies topic of their choosing.

If you have questions, please post them in the comments below. Happy writing!