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2008 Phillies World Series Pennant Found . . . Sort Of

On Tuesday, I sought your help in finding a 2008 World Series pennant. You came through. Thank you.

Looking forward to the 2008 version of this!
Looking forward to the 2008 version of this!

On Tuesday of this endless gap in the baseball season, I wrote a short piece asking for your help in finding a 2008 Phillies World Series pennant to match my prized 1980 version.

Many of you expressed similar sentiments, and I appreciated that. But I most appreciate the efforts of one Matt Kanoff. Matt didn't post in the comment thread but instead sent me an email with a link to the Pennant King. The Pennant King has an entire page for Phillies pennants. Amidst that page is this excellent 2008 World Series pennant:



It's not exactly what I wanted, as it has signatures from the team rather than a printed roster. But it's pretty damn close, and for that, I owe Matt my eternal gratitude.

The signatures on the pennant are really hard to decipher, but hey, that'll be part of the fun once it arrives at my house. I placed the order yesterday and the Pennant King has already shipped it off. I can't wait to receive it next week and pin it to my closet wall next to its 1980 compatriot.

If you're interested in any of the Phillies pennants from the Pennant King's website, go ahead and order. He seemed like a nice guy who has some great Phillies pennants for us to enjoy.

And hey, the interwebs are pretty damn cool, aren't they?