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Chasing Time: Phillies 3, Pirates 1

Jonathan Pettibone was spectacular, But Chase Utley is, was, and always will be the man. And tonight, with one diving play, he showed he is still the soul of this franchise.

Chase Utley, you are the man.
Chase Utley, you are the man.

Interior: Visiting clubhouse pregame. The entire team sits quietly. Charlie has called a team meeting.

Charlie: Like, y'all listen up. Bossman wants a word.

From the training room, Chase Utley enters. He looks at Charlie.

Chase: Players only Skip.

Charlie and the coaches leave. Chase looks around silently.

Chase: Who's throwing tonight?

Pettibone raises his hand.

Chase: Peterbone, right?

Pettibone nods. He doesn't dare correct him.

Chase: When you were a kid, what did you wanna be when you grew up Peterbone?

Pettibone: A ballplayer.

Chase: THAT IS CORRECT! Now, when you signed, what did you wanna be?

Pettibone: Uh...

Chase: Go on. It's not a trick question.

Pettibone: Uh....

Cliff Lee: (chewing gum.) You wanted to be remembered.

Chase: Fucking A! You wanted to be remembered. You're gonna look back in a couple years, and it's all gonna be a blur, boys. And right now, you know what people remember? They remember you suck.

Chase: All of you. You all suck. Everyone in this room. We all fucking suck. You wanna talk about the giant elephant now? Yeah. for all I know this is my last game in this uniform. You too Jim.

Rollins looks around. Utley looks at Pettibone.

Chase: I got my ring. You want one of these? You think you're gonna get one playing like this? Fuck LA. I'll be damned if I'm gonna spend my sunset in the sunshine, sunshine. When you go out there tonight? Before you throw a pitch, turn around and look at me and Jimmy. Then ask yourself how you'll feel if we ain't behind you...

  • Jonathan Pettibone was immaculate tonight. Hitting 95 on the radar gun, striking out 6. He walked two batters, and gave up just two hits before surrendering a solo home run in the 5th.
Chase: Cause I am always behind you. All of you. And all I want in return? All I want from you is EVERYTHING you got. When you don't got it no more, go deeper. And when you think its trouble? I got your back. WE got your back.

  • In the third inning, Pettibone was in trouble. With one out, and a Delmon Young error, Starling Marte stole second, Russell Martin walked. And Andrew McCutchen hit a solid single up the middle. Should have scored a run.
  • But Utley made a SPECTACULAR DIVING PLAY and the runners held. When I say spectacular, think god himself flying through the sky. Like an angel. It was the play that defined the game, the way he has done it a thousand times before. Different but the same. One careless, reckless, no fear of injury because that's how you fucking do it all out Pete Rose style catch the ball and worry about the bruises later and save the game play. The bases were loaded but the rally was killed.
  • Pettibone struck out Garrett Jones with the bases loaded to end the inning.
Chase: It's no secret boys that Paco's gonna end this party if we don't get our shit together. And I for one ain't going out like that. Not without taking my cuts. Piece? You gonna take your cuts tonight?

  • In the first inning, Howard Drew a 12 pitch at bat. Mired in an 0-20 slump heading into the game, he had two hits, both to the opposite field, and scored the games first run with an RBI shot in the top of the sixth. at the end of the inning it was 3-0 Phillies.
Ryan: Hell yes.

Chase: You know they're laughing at you right? Everyone. Pussy ass beat writers, stat nerds, you name it. They're blaming this on you. Say its your fault cause you were so fucking good they paid you. How bout you earn a little of that this week for me?

Ryan laughs.

Chase: Don't laugh at me, bro! Laugh at them Piece. Cause you ain't going nowhere, but I damn sure know you don't wanna go out like this either. Take your cuts. Do what they don't think you'll do. Dig?

Chase: And you four? Huey, Louie Dewey and Screwy in the bullpen? I'm sorry but I don't remember any of your names cause it's a revolving fucking door with you jagoffs. Stop swinging your dicks on the ground and throw strikes. Throw hard strikes and trust that we're behind you. When you do that? I'll remember you. Your name will matter, and you'll never ride a fucking bus again. Take your fucking SHOT.

  • In the seventh inning, Phillipe Aumont got hit hard. Line drive rockets. Jordy Mercer hit a rocket to left, but Dom Brown side stepped and threw an off balance rocket to Utley at second, to get Mercer by a foot. It wasn't pretty but he got through it.
Chase: singing. Spiderman. Spiderman..does whatever a spider can... Dom, When you're at the All star game, take in the ego. Take in the aura, and bring some back will ya? The rest of you, do you have any idea whats at stake here? At all? We got 9 games. Against the Pirates, The Braves and the Nationals. 9 games to do something to change this shit. and its up to you guys to give a shit. Cause I give a shit. and you kids, trust me, YOU NEED TO GIVE A SHIT. Cause if we're gone? Guess what? You might as well take that crowd at Lehigh, and half that team, and put em in against Strasburg and see what people remember. Dig? So figure it out boys!

  • The 8th inning saw JC Ramirez replace Aumont. Walk, flyout. pitching change. In comes Bastardo to face the lefty Garret Jones, who was promplty replaced by righty Brandon Inge, who promptly struck out. Two down. Bastardo then walked Pedro Alvarez, and gave up a single to Neil Walker to load em up. Bastardo was replaced by Justin DeFratus, who promplty struck out Jordy Mercer on five pitches. Two bases loaded jams. One game. 0 runs.
Chase takes a pause.

Chase: The Pirates!!!!. The Pirates have the best record in the game, and their pitchers name is CUMPTON!! C-U-M-P-T-O-N I shit you not. We do not lose to them tonight. Not to a pitcher who's name is CUMPTON!! They just won nine in a row. That ends tonight and we take their nine back to Philly, and we do not lose tomorrow, and we don't lose for nine fucking days you got me?


Chase: And Papschmeer? You might not be able to read, but read my fucking lips. When you get the ball tonight? Do not blow this. When we hand you a lead? And we will hand you a lead, right Peterbone?

Pettibone: Hell yes.

Chase: Peterbone gonna gas it tonight. I see gas in his eyes Cole. We might only need one. WHo's got the knock?

Howard: Guar-aun-teed.

JRoll: Holla!

Chase: When we hand you that lead? Take it home? You got that?

Papelbon: I got it.

Chase: Detroit smells like Methadone and used tampons.

Papelbon: I got it.

Chase: No one Curbs their dogs, and they use the shit to lay bricks Jon for the sidewalks.

Papelbon: I said I got it.

Chase: I will make sure you end up in fucking Detroit and not Boston, so help me god.

Papelbon: I got it.
  • Last I saw, Papelbon did not blow the save. The Phillies won 3-1. Against the best team in baseball. And for one night, I cherished Chase Utley. For one play, he reminded me about everything I love about him and this team. And if they don't come through, and if the unthinkable happens, a part of me will die inside.
Chase: Well lets do this bitches!

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