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Some Nights: Phillies 13, Mets 8

Some nights are like this - you score a ton, your opponent scores a ton, and you just hope that your ton is more than their ton. Tonight, the Phillies' ton was more than the Mets' ton, so yay - we won!

Because this is something the photo search engine came up with when I typed in "fun." That's why.
Because this is something the photo search engine came up with when I typed in "fun." That's why.
Alexander Hassenstein

I didn't get to watch the game tonight because I was at the Mann Music Center seeing Tegan and Sara open for Fun. (Do I have to put two periods at the end of that sentence?) I was there more to see Tegan and Sara than I was there to see Fun. Sure, the latter has a couple of catchy new songs (recap title anyone?), but I've been a huge Tegan and Sara fan for about 6 or 7 years now. Other than the fact that it was a bazillion degrees at the Mann (under the cover it was actually a bazillion plus 5), it was a great show. Loved the music of Tegan and Sara and the showmanship of Fun.

So all I really got to do was check in on the Phillies on my phone between songs. Here's my recollection of how I experienced tonight's game.

Phillies 4, Mets 0 (end of the second) - Wow, great start to the second half for the Phils! And Kendrick is keeping it up, which is great for him, for the Phils, and for my fantasy team.

Phillies 13, Mets 3 (top of the fifth) - Holy cow! Weren't the Mets starting one of their young guns tonight? (After looking it up) It's Hefner and I know he had a low 3 ERA going into the game. Maybe this bodes well for Harvey on Sunday? And Kendrick is holding it together. Hopefully he gets out of there without more damage, especially given the heat.

Phillies 13, Mets 6 (top of seventh) - Whoops, looks like Kendrick is doing what some pitchers do in games like this - give up runs because they don't really matter. My fantasy team isn't going to like this, but a win for the Phillies is a win. As long as their bullpen doesn't implode. It can't implode that bad, can it?

Phillies 13, Mets 8 (final) - Phew! Glad they held on to that one. Who gave up the extra 2 meaningless runs? Oh, DeFratus, that's not good. Poor guy is having a rough patch here. But, a win is a win. Go Fightins'!

As the game got closer tonight, I thought to myself, some nights are like this. You walk with the ghost and hope that in carrying on, you win and the other team loses. And that's what happened for the Phils tonight.

Fangraph of 1-0 in the second half:

Source: FanGraphs