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Report: Rangers Interested in Michael Young... Again

The Rangers are all "I didn't mean it, baby, please come back!"


According to this report from Jon Heyman, who is never, ever wrong, the Rangers are considering bringing back Michael Young.

Yes, that is the same Michael Young the Rangers traded this past offseason, the same Michael Young who still gets a large chunk of his salary from the Rangers.

Does this not make sense to you? You're not alone. Heyman comes right out and says that the Rangers are actually looking for a right-handed outfielder. Last time I checked, that is not Michael Young. But apparently their actual need for an outfielder and not a "third baseman" isn't enough to stop them from reacquiring a player they traded away seven months ago:

But a return of Young -- though while it can't be characterized as probable -- could be intriguing.

"Intriguing" is the new "stupid," apparently. If this happens, I'll eat my hat. And if it even gets that far, I'm not convinced that Young would waive his no-trade clause to go back to the Rangers, the team that seemed desperate to trade him. I'm not sure if being close to Ron Washington is enough to wipe that away.

I love trade rumors. If this can't be characterized as "probable", than what is it? A random thought someone had while they were on the john? Me winning a million dollars isn't *probable* but hey, it could happen!

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