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Cliff Lee Scratched, Phillies Listening to Trade Offers

The Phillies continue to dish out news that is both unexpected and exceedingly unpleasant.

Remember this? This was pretty awesome.
Remember this? This was pretty awesome.
Drew Hallowell

According to Matt Gelb, every single other beat writer, and Gregg Murphy, the Phillies "look at me, I'm broadcasting from the stands with some fans!" reporter, Cliff Lee has been scratched from his start tomorrow with a stiff neck. Lee has given up seven home runs in his last two starts and has an ERA of 6.23 in that time.

What does this mean? Well, it means that Cliff Lee has a stiff neck, and you don't want to risk him getting hurt further. If he was being traded, I assume that he'd be scratched with no reason given. Of course, we have to consider that Ruben Amaro is lying, because he does that a whole lot. He's a GM. Part of the job description is "lying to everyone all the time, sometimes with a purpose, sometimes to be a dicksmack." So if he's lying, it could mean... well, it could mean anything. Including that Lee is being traded.

Jerry Crasnick reported at ESPN earlier that the Amaro is listening to offers on Cliff Lee. From the story:

"I never put any real absolutes on anything," Amaro said by phone Friday. "Although we don't have any desire to move a guy like that because we view him as someone who will be key to our future, I am a businessperson as well and I'll be a good listener.

Well ok then. Amaro goes on to say that he'll listen to offers from anyone for anyone, including Chase Utley, Michael Young, and Carlos Ruiz. He's keeping and open mind and open ears as the trade deadline nears, which is what should happen, though it doesn't make it any less painful to hear (and I assume at some point experience).

I've tried for awhile now to not think about the possibility of Cliff Lee getting traded. I know it makes sense, but thinking about it is just depressing. Now it seems like it's time to come to terms with the fact that we, as Phillies fans, may have to live through Cliff Lee being traded a second time. Only now, instead of getting Roy Halladay in return, we'll get... well, we won't be getting anything near that.

God is fascinating and cruel. And also probably dead.

UPDATE 10:24pm: Both Ken Rosenthal and the Inquirer's Matt Gelb have confirmed via twitter that Cliff Lee's sore neck is an actual sore neck and the sole reason behind him missing tomorrow's game.

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