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The Air Was Thick With Rumors: Tigers 2, Phillies 1

Rumors swirl as the Phillies limp to their sixth loss in a row.

Gregory Shamus

The last six games have not gone well. Six and a half if you include Kyle Kendrick trying to give away the Phillies' 11-run lead in New York.

Every time Ruben Amaro wants to wait and see if his team will show signs of life, he puts off the deadline he's set for himself to make the decision to sell. First, it was going to be the last handful of games before the All-Star break. Then, it was going to be the next six games. And now it's down to these three games against the Tigers.

This is a roundabout way of saying that the Phillies lost again tonight. Their losing streak is now up to six games. There was a small glimmer of hope in tonights game, though:

That was in the third inning. Yay, right!? Of course, the glimmer was soon crushed by reality, as the Phillies gave up that lead two innings later. Here's a tweet from Todd Zolecki:

Darin Ruf had a single in the fourth inning. That was the only baserunner the Phillies had until Michael Young walked in the eighth. They didn't get another actual hit until the 9th, when Jimmy Rollins was determined to try and create some magic for his flailing team. He singled, stole second, and then stole third. Meanwhile, Chase Utley flied out, Delmon Young struck out, and Darin Ruf grounded out to end the game.

Also meanwhile, Cole Hamels pitched well, but he unfortunately let the bottom of the Tigers' lineup hurt him. He allowed two runs, which sadly was too many. TWO RUNS WAS TOO MANY TO GIVE UP. That is an absurd statement that I just wrote, and yet it's true. Also absurd: this is Hamels' 13th loss. 13. Losses. Doug Fister also pitched well, and the offense behind him was just slightly better tonight.

If you're looking forward to tomorrow when Cliff Lee pitches, then I have some bad news for you.

Source: FanGraphs