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Phillies trade rumors: deadline day morning update

Well, while you were sleeping, deals went down. Unfortunately (or fortunately...) None involved Phillies. But that can change. At this point last year, Hunter Pence was going nowhere, Shane Victorino was most likely going to be in Cincinnati, and Joe Blanton (who didn't get dealt) seemed to be the most talked about player at the time.

We'll keep you posted with updates as the day progresses but for now, here's the latest (as of 6:30 am) on the Phillies assets:

Cliff Lee:

When I fell asleep last night, Jackie Bradley Jr. had been pulled from his game, and Twitter was abuzz. Well, Bradley is still with the Red Sox, and Cliff Lee looks to be staying in Philadelphia as Boston acquired Jake Peavy in a 3 way trade with the White Sox and Tigers. My initial feeling here is "Way to go Rube!" for holding firm. But lets hold judgement till tomorrow shall we? The Red Sox may be out, but don't sit back on Texas or St.Louis getting their feet wet on Lee today. both teams have the prospects to make it happen, and I'd expect at least a glimmer of a Young/Lee for Profar rumor at the very least before its all said and done.

Chances of being dealt today: 10%

Michael Young:

Aside from going 2-3 with a home run last night, nothing new here other than he MIGHT approve a deal to Boston or the Yankees in addition to Texas. He has to go today, and Boston included their starting 3B, Jose Iglesias in the Peavy deal so that could pave the way for Young. If he'll move. which is a big if.

Chances of being dealt to Texas: 25%

Chances of being dealt if he accepts a deal to NY, or Boston or Baltimore?: 99%

Chance hes on the 25 man at game time: 50%

Chase Utley:

Folks keep saying Utley is unavailable, but I'll firmly believe that when he has an extention or its August. Neither has happened yet, and you'll hear his name bandied about today.

Chance he's traded today: 3%

Chance he announces extension: 2%

Chance he's the F&^%$#G man: 100%

Jimmy Rollins:

Still refusing to waive his no trade clause, which could be a shame, because it looks like SS are at a premium in this market. Jimmy Rollins likely may have the most trade value, believe it or not, of any starter on the team right now, but that's a moot point unless he has a change of heart. Which is unlikely, but not impossible. But highly unlikely. But...IGLESIAS FOR AVISAIL GARCIA??

Chance he's traded: .000000000000000000000000000000001%

Chance he pops up tonight and people bitch about it: 75%

Jonathan Papelbon:

Not a f%$#@*(g word. Seriously. Not so much as a single team attached to Paps right now which means one of two things. He's really got no interested parties or there's a bunch of people in on him. Brian Wilson signed with the Dodgers yesterday, which might free up some interest from other teams. But if there's a trade that comes from out of left field today, Papelbon could be the guy involved.

One thing we did learn about Papelbon yesterday? his favoritve Italian food is Ice Cream.

Chance he's traded today: 15%

Chance hes moved in August: 70%

Chance hes a douchebag: 100%

Carlos Ruiz:

There are literally no rumors at all regarding Chooch, though he did hit his first home run in 308 days last night, which could be a harbinger. Also, keep an eye on how this develops. The Cardinals are fighting for the division in a strong divsion, against a Pirates team that won't back down, and a good Reds club. Could be as small as a little deal for Chooch, or something much bigger, but The Cardinals are doing something today.

Chances he's dealt: 20%

Chances if he's dealt Roy Halladay sheds the first tear of his adult life? 86% (only because we can't confirm the existence of tear ducts in Halladays eye parts.)

Delmon Young:


Wait, you think someone is trading for Delmon Young?


C'mon people, get serious now!!

Other Names:

Kyle Kendrick, John Lannan, Antonio Bastardo. Those are the three wild cards that could be shipped out or shipped off in surprise moves. Bastardo, because he's LH and the other two because they may not fit in in 2014, and pitching is a premium.

And don't be shocked if Ruben gets a little frustrated and sees a good buy out there and picks up an OF, or a relief pitcher. Stranger things have happened.

We'll keep you updated as the day unfolds but for now, I want to see if anyone can predict a correct trade. Ready? Set? GO!