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Phillies Links for You, 7/31/13: On Bubbles That Never Pop

Phillies Links for You, 7/31/13: On Bubbles That Never Pop

Please let the professionals handle it today.
Please let the professionals handle it today.
Peter Lyons

To kick off a day of wild unproductivity, I'll keep the links short today so we can all get back to Twitter. For those of you who like a little context, here's a thematic group of links that are background to Deadline Day 2013. Discuss.

Dodgers Could Be Last Team To Strike Gold With Local TV Deal | FanGraphs Baseball
h/t to @Eric_Lindros for sending this along. This tends to be my way of thinking, although the business of sport has done nothing but grow for my entire life.

Cable TV Is Not Going Away - Derek Thompson - The Atlantic
Then I read this piece this weekend while being a cheapskate at Barnes & Noble while my kids played on the Kindle display browsing at a bookstore. So if cable's not going away, then there is no bubble. So write something up that pays the Phillies something like the Dodgers' $8BN circus blackbeard-laden deal by COB today, pal.

SC Featured: Gone Fishin' - ESPN Video - ESPN
h/t again to @Eric_Lindros about how Ruly Carpenter's fishing trip and Bill Gilles' good soldiering meant no DH in the NL forever...forever...forever....

Separate but related: I'm becoming a real big fan of movies and TV shows whose dramatic irony devices could be solved so easily with a cell phone.

Jonathan Villar steals home last night
Remembrances of deals past. You gottal laugh. SO LAUGH DAMN YOU.

NL East Beasts:

Braves Take Rockies Behind Woodshed, 11-3 - Talking Chop
The Braves are looking hitterish, Harry.

Mets vs. Marlins Recap: After Zack Wheeler carries no-hitter into seventh inning, Mets win in ten - Amazin' Avenue
This Wheeler kid is pretty good.

Nationals' Stephen Strasburg Has No Room For Error In 5-1 Loss To Tigers - Federal Baseball

Jayson Stark tweeted that Alex Avila's grand slam was the first HR Strasburg had ever given up with a runner on.