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Ryan Howard to the DL with Sprained Platoon Split; Darin Ruf called up

Down goes Frazier Howard! Ryan Howard's balky knee sends him to the DL to set a spell. Darin Ruf should arrive in Philadelphia, but not before the start of tonight's game.

Left-handed bats from the Leftorium.
Left-handed bats from the Leftorium.

Ryan Howard down; Darin Ruf up. Ryan Howard has been sitting lots lately against left-handed pitching, but it looks like the Phillies will do without him till he doctors up a bit and rests. The source is Matt Gelb via that Twitter thing. I'm sure we'll hear more about it tonight.

On tap for tonight? Phils v. Braves with extra Laynce Nix, getting the start for Howard. Ruf should be in Philadelphia by halftime. He has not been Babe Ruf-ian this year (see previous link), but neither has Howard against lefties, with his wRC+ of 44. #ryanhowardscontract

I, for one, welcome our new vs. Lefties platoon player. If you try sometimes, you can get what you need.