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Battle of the Troubled Pitchers: Giants at Phillies Game Thread, August 1, 2013

This could be quite the match-up. Or it could be the opposite of that.

Thearon W. Henderson

Both Matt Cain and Cole Hamels are great pitchers. Exceptional pitchers. But both of them are having some... trouble this year. Trouble may be putting it lightly. Hamels has a World Series ring and an NLCS and World Series MVP to his name. Cain has two World Series rings and a perfect game. Before now, both Hamels and Cain have one season with ERAs above 4. This year... yikes. Hamels seemed to get ahold of himself before the break, but that has not continued after.

Tonight could be a battle of ace pitchers. Or it could be very much not that. Of course, it could just appear that it's an ace-off, as both offenses are not known as the most explosive. Oh, the Giants scored nine runs yesterday? Great. I'm sure tonight will be swell, and I'm sure the rain will only enhance it all.

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