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On-day: Phillies at Braves Game Thread, August 12, 2013

The Phillies will play baseball today. My apologies to everyone hoping for an off day.

Hunter Martin

Today is not an off day. After being swept by the Nationals this weekend, the Phillies are right back at it today, eager to find new and exciting ways to lose games. They're playing the Braves again, the team that swept them just eight days ago. This time, the Braves will have the chance to do it at Turner Field.

Cole Hamels, today's Phillies starter, has had one poor outing since the beginning of July. And even with that start included, he has a 2.16 ERA in his past seven starts. He's pitching like the Cole Hamels we know and love, and it would be great if the offense and the bullpen could get on board with that and stop screwing things up for him.

Hamels and the Phillies will face Julio Teheran and the Braves tonight. How many home runs will Brian McCann hit in this series? Discuss that and the game in the comments below.

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Cole Hamels

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Dec 27, 1983

Julio Teheran

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Jan 27, 1991