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Roy Halladay to begin rehab assignment Thursday

Roy Halladay is going to be pitching baseballs again soon.

Roy Halladay is on his way back, and this is how we feel.
Roy Halladay is on his way back, and this is how we feel.
Chris Trotman

In what may be the second best news I've heard all year (behind Chase Utley's extension, of course), Roy Halladay is set to begin a rehab assignment on Thursday with the GCL Phillies. He passed his final test today after throwing a bullpen session and will now pitch in real live games. He could appear with the Phillies as soon as August 25, as he may require as few as two rehab starts before being ready.

The GCL Phillies are Rookie league, which means that Roy Halladay will be shelling out his stuff to, well, rookies. If I were them, I might soil myself at the plate. It's Roy freakin' Halladay, it doesn't matter if he's making his comeback from shoulder surgery.

In this great dream I have, Roy Halladay is back to normal. It's a lot to hope for, I know, but if you can't hope for that than what's the point of baseball?

In this other great dream I have, Roy Halladay and J.P. Crawford become friends, one of the many stops that Crawford makes along the way to becoming the greatest baseball player of all time and lifelong Phillie. I'm not saying I expect that of him, I'm just saying it's this dream I have! Dreams are fun! DREAMS ARE ALL I HAVE LEFT THIS SEASON OK?!

We love you, Roy. We can't wait to see you back at it.

In other news that is not nearly as exciting or meaningful, Laynce Nix was released. In 136 plate appearances, Nix hit .180/.228/.258. He often looked like his muscles were trying to make their way out of his body to take over the world. If you miss him, please seek professional help.

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