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Lannan-tized for Your Protection: Phillies at Braves Game Thread, August 14, 2013

I can't let you enter here. In truth, you don't really want to.

Patrick McDermott

I'm sorry, everyone. I need you all to step back. Yup, step right back. You don't want to come in here. Nope. I promise you. The whole premises has been Lannan-tized. It's for your protection. Yes, the Phillies are playing tonight and John Lannan is pitching. That's what I mean. You don't want to come in here.

Beachy-fied? No, that's not a thing. I'm pretty sure you made that up. Brandon Beachy is returning from Tommy John surgery, so the man gets a little leeway. I'm not sure what effect pitching in a Lannan-tized stadium will have on Beachy. He'll have to be monitored closely.

Discuss the game and what you think Lannan-tizing entails in the comments below.

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John Lannan

#27 / Pitcher / Philadelphia Phillies





Sep 27, 1984

Brandon Beachy

#37 / Pitcher / Atlanta Braves





Sep 03, 1986