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Offensive, Dodgers 5 - Phillies 0

The Phillies have now gone 3 days without scoring a run.

I would provide a pic of the Phillies in action, but they weren't
I would provide a pic of the Phillies in action, but they weren't
Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

I'm running out of ways to recap losses, which is a shame since the Phillies seem to have no limit in finding ways to lose them. The Phillies spent seven solid innings hacking away early in the count and basically had nothing to show for it. They got a single from Brown and a Single from Mayberry. In, fact over the first 4 innings they were craptacular and I thought I may finally get to recap a no-hitter. Kershaw was that good and the Phillies"offense" was that offensive.

This game was just crushing to watch. The Phillies never really felt like they were in it. Even when the game was just 2-0 it felt like there was no chance of winning. The Phillies managed as many hits (3) as errors (also 3). If management/ownership had hoped that a managerial change would turn the team around or be a boost to fans, it's looking bad 2 days in. The Phillies appear to be having no fun. I can relate to that.

I guess the Phillies were still in the game in the 8th, when it was 2-0, but it never felt like they threatened. Darin Ruf had a hard fought AB, but struckout on a fantastic pitch from Kershaw. Casper Wells, then became the first Phillie in Scoring position since forever by doubling down the Left Field line. Mayberry then drew a walk, the first of the game for Kershaw. Kratz then popped out weakly to First. Chooch came in to pinch-hit for Diekman (who looked phenomenal tonight. His Slider was insanely good and he stayed in the same zip code as Home plate). Chooch had another solid At Bat against Kershaw and laid off some really good pitches. Kershaw threw a wild pitch advancing the runners, but it didn't matter as Chooch struck out 2 pitches later.

Still, Kershaw looked tired and the bullpen was going to be coming in for him in the 9th, that was almost certain. If the bullpen didn't come in for him, perhaps he'd continue to struggle a bit, as he started to in the 8th. This here is the part of the recap where I clarify that Luis Garcia is really, really fucking terrible. He sucks. He has a good fastball, but he has AAAA control of it. Here's how his 9th went: A single to Ramirez that was absolutely smoked and probably 4 feet from being a Homerun. Andre Ethier then crushed a ball to dead center that would have left any other part of the park. Garcia then threw a ball into the dirt, Han Ram to Second. Here was the one good thing Garcia did, with Ramirez on Second he looked back once and pitched to Ellis, then prior to the next pitch he again looked back once, then looked a second time and caught Ramirez leaning towards third. McDonald tagged out Ramirez in the ensuing rundown. Well, maybe Garcia will get out of this inning fairly clean. No. Garcia walked Ellis on the very next pitch. He then hit Schumaker with a pitch. Rich Dubee made a mound visit. I'm just going to assume he said "Please throw a meatball to Juan Uribe, like middle in. My Son's sitting in the cheap seats in Left Field, and I'd like him to get a souvenir." If Dubee said that, it is excellent coaching, and his charges really listen to him and follow though on instruction. On the off chance Dubee did not instruct Garcia to pitch like this was the Home Run derby, then clearly whatever he said was pretty useless. Juan Uribe hit the ball so hard, there was pile of sawdust on the plate by the time he got to first.

Recap #10, no wins.

Source: FanGraphs