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There's Always Tomorrow: Braves at Phillies Game Thread, August 2, 2013

The Phillies play 162 games in a season. This season, we'll feel each and every one of them.


One of the best things about baseball is the sheer number of games each team plays. 162 games is a lot. And until the end of the season, you can always say that there's always tomorrow. There's another game to be played the next day. The slate will be wiped clean and the team will start fresh with nine whole innings in front of them, just waiting to be filled with baseball action.

Not until September will the Phillies officially run out of tomorrows. But after a loss like last night's, the rest of the tomorrows can feel somewhat... plodding. The slate can be wiped clean, but the residue from the previous game just doesn't come off like it used to.

Ethan Martin will make his first major league start tonight. He'll face Braves pitcher Kris Medlen. Let's hope Martin's debut tonight is enough to make memory of last night's utter ridiculousness a little less... horrible.

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