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#EmbraceTheTank: Braves 6, Phillies 4

Citizens Bank Park: Verdant mercenary necropolis filled with the dead. If Philadelphia is the City of Brotherly Love, then the Phillies have gone full necroPhillie-ac. On the bright side, with a few more losses, the Phillies have pole position for a protected draft pick. #EmbraceTheTank.

He sees aliens, but he's still awesome.  Get well, Dutch.
He sees aliens, but he's still awesome. Get well, Dutch.
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

If I cared about winning anymore, I would post a Phillies Downfall video like this one. It's so old and done though, even though that is a good one. Wait for the Ryan Howard part...wait for it...wasn't that fun?

It was a night to celebrate Curt Schilling's induction/placement into/on the Wall of Fame. More here. Also, nerds were in Philadelphia for some nerd statistics thing, and Ruben Amaro went to Section 418 and slapped all of them to show his scorn.

Instead of focusing on all that, I am celebrating the Phillies tonight for their obvious willingness to fold like proteins. It is really better this way.

I #embracethetank. I welcome it like an old friend. I accept it with equanimity, like the changing of seasons, the inevitable ends of relationships and even life itself. Its warm nothingness. I imagine the Phillies of 2008, and I put them into a box I imagine, and I close the box, and they disappear. I imagine the Final Five, and I put them into the box, and I close it, and they disappear. The box disappears. I disappear. And Ethan Martin was born from the nothingness.

Ethan Martin started out with such promise, but reminded us why he was at Lehigh Valley mere days ago when he hit the fifth inning and gave up two homers and a 2 - 1 lead. Still, there were some great early moments. Justin Upton in the first inning, going 'Wow!" at a Martin offering was pretty sweet. Through four innings, his line was: 4 IP, 6k, 2BB, 4H, and a FIP of 1.54. Pretty sweet, right? That third trip through the lineup was a doozy, though. The FIP ended up over 8.30, largely as a result of those homers.

And Brian McCann...I see his face in my nightmares. Can't wait for the Braves to cut him loose because they can't afford him this winter. Please, god, send Brian McCann to the AL. Or at least out of the NL East. His inevitable back-breaking homer was the fulcrum that this game turned on.

Kris Medlen was good for the Braves, but hardly lights out. He gave up 3 solo home runs, four runs, whiffed 8 and walked 1 in 6 innings. He baffles the rest of the league, but seems to struggle in Philadelphia. Good for him.

He was victimized by back-to-back homers by Darin Ruf and Delmon Young, the yin and yang of this Phillies team in too many ways to count. At this stage of the game, the Phillies were up 2 - 0, and my crazy beagle peed on the floor from the excitement. Either that, or it was the groundhog in the garden just outside the window. It was just one of those nights. Medlen, I learned tonight, is a switch hitter, just as Robin Roberts was (which I also learned tonight). Both of those facts are kind of cool.

Chase of Clan Utley hit a homer, reminding us that he is still game. He also reminded us that despite the lack of MVP hardware, he is the greatest Phillie position player of his generation. And oddly, he appears to be the one with the most productive longevity.

With that homer, the Phillies tried to creep back into the game. Darin Ruf walked. Delmon Young doubled him to third, and Cody Asche fielder's choiced Ruf home to bring the Phillies within 2 after six. Ruf just continues to get on base, with a streak of 30 games now -- the longest active streak in the majors. Medlen escaped the inning without further harm and left the game with a 6 - 4 lead after six innings.

David Carpenter struck out the Phillies in order in the seventh after the Braves went quietlyish in the top of the inning. One of the victims was Jimmy Rollins, who has a wRC+ of 62 over the last 30 days and 20 games going into tonight.

More non-winning happened for a while, including umpiring kerfluffles in the 9th which resulted in Charlie Manuel getting ejected along with J-Roll. I'm not sure, but I think J-Stroll lollygagged getting out of the dugout, so the umpires benched him. Craig Kimbrel came in with his strange spider stance and put his foot on the neck of the Phillies, ending it not unlike the guy getting knifed in Saving Private Ryan.

Fangraph of losing 11 of 12:

Source: FanGraphs