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Phillies News: Casper Wells to the DL, Pete Orr recalled

That Roger Bernadina signing is looking pretty great right about now!

Kevin C. Cox

After giving up five runs on three hits and three walks in Saturday night's baseball extravaganza, it's no surprise that Casper Wells has been sent to the DL with vision related issues.

Oh, wait. He's not actually a pitcher, is he. At this point, though, does it really matter? Wells is still going to the DL. In 11 games and 25 plate appearances with the Phillies, he's totally earned his .043/.120/.087 triple slash. Those are some numbers right there. Some bad numbers. Small sample size, of course, but yowza. The unsinkable Pete Orr has been recalled to replace his spot on the roster. After spending 2011 and 2012 bouncing around between the majors and the minors with the Phillies, Orr has spent all of 2013 at AAA Lehigh Valley, where he's hit .258/.300/.385, which is nearly identical to his 2012 line and slightly worse than his 2011 line.

Pete Orr is not an outfielder but a utility infielder, and I applaud the Phillies' decision to recall Orr instead of perpetual suck machine Michael Martinez. However, this does reduce the Phillies' outfield depth/warm body count by one. I have a feeling that after his performance yesterday, making two spectacular grabs in center field and hitting a two-RBI double, Roger Bernadina is going to see a lot more time in center field.

Matt Gelb reported this delightful little nugget about Pete Orr this morning:

He will be the 49th different Phillies player in 2013, which ties last year's number with 32 games to play.

The 2013 Philadelphia Phillies: Breaking Depressing Franchise Records You Didn't Know Existed.