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Welcome to our new writers

We here at TGP are happy to welcome new writers to the fold, much like a clan or cult. Kool-aid, anyone?

Hunter Martin

Here at The Good Phight, we never rest in our quest to bring you great things from great writers. You'd think that at the end of an abysmal season, we would be tired. We would want to rest. We'd want to ignore the Phillies and watch something more uplifting, like Breaking Bad or Hoarders.

But friends, that is not who we are. And so we are pleased to welcome three hale and hearty souls who have joined our writerly ranks at this, the sunset of the 2013 season.

Jaypoozle's welcome is belated, but genuine and enthusiastic. He has been doing weekday minor league updates for TGP since June, and he has been doing them superbly. Jay joins Cormican as part of our crack minor league/prospect coverage team. Please follow him on twitter at @jay_poozle.

Plucked directly from the comments and the fanpost section, we are happy to bring you the literary stylings of 88Lindros88. He has been a commenter here for several years, and he always adds something valuable to our conversations in the comments. I implore you to follow him on twitter at @Eric_Lindros.

And from the world of twitter and longtime Phillies fandom, DanyS joins us from the mystery land of Los Angeles. A Chesco native, Dany wrote for the departed Philadelphia sports blog Phinally Philly (the first Philadelphia sports blog I ever read), and for the music sites Pitchfork and Prefix. He's also written for Brotherly Game, SB Nation's Philadelphia Union website. (That's soccer. Go over and give 'em a read, they're excellent.) Follow his awesomeness on twitter at @soundofphilly.

Would you like to write for The Good Phight? Submit a fanpost! Submit two or three! That's how Jay and Lindros got started here at TGP, and that's the best way to get our attention (besides sending us chocolate and cash, of course). If you're interested in writing for TGP, please write up a few fanposts and contact me. We are always on the lookout for talented writers to join our clan, and the next one could be you!