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Phillies and milestones -- an update

When will Jimmy Rollins become the Phillies' all-time hits leader? How about at bats? plate appearances? Additional milestones for Chase Utley and several others.


This is to recap the milestones that Phillies have reached so far this season, and look ahead at what's next.

Jimmy Rollins

Reached this year (Phillies)
- 10th in home runs (198), surpassing Bobby Abreu (195)
- 8th in RBIs (828), passing Cy Williams (795), Greg Luzinski (811), Abreu (814), and Pat Burrell (827)
- 7th in Walks (676), surpassing Ed Delahanty (643)
- 6th in Strikeouts (1,028), passing Richie/Dick Allen (1,023)
- 3rd in Caught Stealing (89), tying Tony Taylor (stats kept since 1951)
- 3rd in Triples (107), passing Sam Thompson (106)
- 2nd in Stolen Bases (420), passing Delahanty (411)
- 2nd in Games Played (1,924), passing Richie Ashburn (1,794)
- 1st in Doubles (448), passing Delahanty (432-online sources show 442)

Reached this year (MLB)
- 8th shortstop in MLB history to reach 750 extra base hits (753)

Next up
- 8 more at bats will make him only the 2nd Phillie to reach 8,000.  He should pass Mike Schmidt (8,352) as the Phils' all-time leader in June of next year.
- His next double (28th) will give him 449 for his career and put him in the top 100 all-time, actually a 4-way tie for 99th with Steve Finley, Joe Morgan, and Bernie Williams.  He's already in the top 100 in steals (62nd with 420).
- Rollins still needs 2 more home runs to reach 200 and become the 10th Phillie, and 8th shortstop to do so. That will make him just the 9th player (and only shortstop) in MLB history with 2,000 hits, 400 stolen bases, and 200 home runs.

Looking ahead
Beyond this year, below is where I would project Rollins to rank by the end of his contract, assuming the 4th year (2015) vests.  This assumes 140 games in 2014, and 120 in 2015.

Hits: barring a hot September, he will finish 2013 at ~2,174 hits, which means he will need 40, 44, and 61 hits, respectively, to pass Delahanty (2,213), Ashburn (2,217), and, finally, Schmidt (2,234).

At Bats: he will need ~258 in 2014 to take over the #1 spot, and should get there sometime in June.

PAs: If he continues playing virtually every day the rest of this year, he will need to average 580 in 2014-15 to take over the #1 spot from Schmidt (10,062).

Runs: Schmidt at #1 is out of reach with 1,506, but if Rollins averages 64 per year in 2014-15 he can pass Ed Delahanty for #2.


Chase Utley

Reached this year (Phillies)
- 10th in strike outs (824), passing Tony Taylor (818)
- 8th in home runs (215), passing Richie Allen (204)
- 8th in doubles (293), passing Richie Ashburn (287)
- 8th in extra base hits (549), passing Pat Burrell (518), Johnny Callison (534), and Sherry Magee (539)

Reached this year (MLB)
- 19th all-time in getting Hit By Pitch (156), passing Chet Lemon (152), Fred Clarke (153), and Brady Anderson (154).

Next up
- Utley's next HBP (6th this  year) will tie him with Fernando Vina for 18th all-time, with 157.
- He needs 2 more home runs (18 total) to tie Cy Williams for 7th on the Phillies all-time list, at 217.
- His next Sac Fly (5th) will tie Gary Maddox for 4th in Phils' history, at 51.
- His next Strikeout (66th) will tie Juan Samuel for 9th on the Phillies at 825.
- His next Extra Base Hit (42nd) will tie Ryan Howard for 7th, with 550.

Ryan Howard

Reached this year (Phillies)
- 11th in Total Bases (2,367), passing Greg Luzinski (2,263)
- 11th in Walks (588), passing Luzinski (572)
- 7th in Extra Base Hits (550), passing Pat Burrell (518), Johnny Callison (534), and Sherry Magee (539)
- 7th in Sac Flies (44), passing Darren Daulton (39), Burrell (42), and Von Hayes, Bob Boone, and Mike Lieberthal (all 43)
- 5th in RBIs, passing Sam Thompson (957)

Cole Hamels

Reached this year (Phillies)
- 10th in Innings Pitched (1562.2), passing Jim Bunning (1520.2)
- 9th in Wins (97), passing 19th century hurlers Kid Carsey (94), Tully Sparks (95), and Jack Taylor (96)
- 6th in Games Started (239), passing Larry Christenson (220) and Curt Schilling (226)
- 5th in Strikeouts (1,473), passing Grover Cleveland Alexander (1,409)

Jonathan Papelbon

Reached this year (Phillies)
- 9th in Saves (60), passing many: Gordon 42, McDowell 44, Garber 51, Madson 52, Konstanty 54, Holland 55, Wagner and Baldschun 59.

Reached this year (MLB)
- 29th all-time in Saves (279), passing Bob Wickman (267)

By the way, Papelbon is 32, and the list of highest save totals through the age 32 season is quite the mixed bag:

314 - Robb Nen
304 - Francisco Rodriguez
296 - John Wetteland
283 - Bruce Sutter
279 - Paps
271 - Trevor Hoffman
243 - Mariano Rivera (13th)

Also reached this year...

- Michael Young drove in his 1,000th run
- Roy Halladay won his 200th game
- Cliff Lee reached 2,000 career innings
- Charlie Manuel passed Gene Mauch for the most games managed for the Phillies, and of course, won his 1,000th game as a major league manager

For reference:
Phillies All-time hitting leaders
Phillies All-time pitching leaders


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