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Someone Call Hollywood: Phillies at Mets, August 29, 2013

By the time you're done reading this game thread, you'll be on board with this idea.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

So I think someone needs to get Ryan Gosling into a baseball movie.


He doesn't have to actually *play* baseball in the movie. (Though I want to go on the record as being 100% totally in support of that.) Justin Timberlake was a player-turned-scout in "Trouble With The Curve" (a movie I did not see). Ryan Gosling could play something like that! Scout! Trainer! GM! (Ok, probably Assistant to the GM.) He could be an agent!

Oh yeah, baseball game. I'm just so glad we don't have to experience Matsuzaka pitch today. Ethan Martin, fresh of his worst major league start of the year, the Start that Started the Eighteen Inning Game, faces Carlos Torres today. If this goes 18 innings, then we all need to get together and really think about what's happening here.

Seriously, someone get Ryan Gosling in a movie about baseball. Imagine his smile paired with perfectly framed home runs and cheering crowds. $$$$$$$$!!!! I mean, I can't think of a reason for this other than "I want to see that", but I'm sure there are others.

Please list your reasons for wanting to see Ryan Gosling in a baseball movie in the comments. Oh, and you can discuss the game, too.