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Tank you very much, Braves 5 - Phillies 4

Welcome back, my friends to the curse that never ends.

Yeah, it was Ruf.
Yeah, it was Ruf.
Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

As part of my dedication to embracing the tank, I, of the they never win when I recap curse, am determined to pick up as many recaps as possible. I'm telling you, if I recap every game, we can get the #1 pick, folks. The curse affected my watching today. I forgot today's game started early so I missed Lannan (not really a bad thing), then as the game went to extra innings I got a pretty bad storm locally, which kept knocking my internet connection out. So, sorry for any lack of detail here and there are probably some plays I missed out on.

I do know that things started well enough for the Phillies as Jimmy Rollins (probably with no hustle) singled, then stole Second (probably in a loafing manner). Thanks to a poor throw from Oso Blanco, Rollins was able to J-stroll to Third. Utley then grounded out to Second while Rollins snuck Home on the play.

After a 1-2-3 top of the Second, Darin Ruf Singled to Center (31 straight games getting on-base) to start the Phillies frame. A wild pitch by Beachy allowed Ruf to get to Second. Not that it mattered much as Mayberry then Homered to Left. Chooch then Doubled, but was stranded when Lannan K'd and Rollins grounded out meekly.

Lannan almost cruised through the Third, were it not for a Justin Upton Homer. Fourth was equally smooth aside from a walk to Chris Johnson. It was the Fifth though when Lannan, Lannan'd. Joey Terdoslavich started off with a Single and advanced to Second on a Sac bunt. He then stole Terd Base. Cody Asche then had a bit of trouble, and Andrelton Simmons reached safely on the error, though Joey stayed on Terd. Following a Justin Upton walk to load the bases and a fairly pointless visit to the Mound, Freddie Freeman singled and scored Terdy and Simmons. Charlie then, clearly #embracethetank himself, brought in a career Miner Leaguer. Gattis grounded out, but drove in Upton and the Phillies were down 4-3. (to be fair Miner was solid enough, especially in relation to this particular bullpen)

The Phillies tied things in the 7th with a Single from Mayberry, sac bunt from Chooch and Double from Jimmy. Rollins then stole Third but was stranded there when Michael Young Grounded out to the Pitcher.

Then the game dragged on, and frankly not much happened for quite a while. Garcia, Papelbon, Bastardo and Diekman all pitched pretty well... for an Inning. Problem was Diekman stayed in a second Inning. At this point the Diekman who can't find the plate showed up. Justin Upton walked, Freddie Freeman gounded out, Gattis was walked intentionally. Paul Janis was walked unintentionally. Bases loaded, one out. That brought in DeFratus, who pitched well, but it's hard to get out of a bases load jam without giving up a run. DeFratus got his two outs, but not without Upton scoring from Third on an Uggla ground out (though on replays Uggla appeared to be out on the Double Play which would have ended the inning without a run).

The Phillies never really threatened in the bottom half of the inning. I will admit I'm totally on for the tank, but I hate losing to the $^%&@ Braves. Fangraph of Rodon below.

Source: FanGraphs