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Phillies Trade John McDonald for Nefi Ogando

John McDonald arrived in Philadelphia on June 28th. His stay was Hobbesian: Nasty, brutish and short.

He may have been in the league when these uniforms weren't throwbacks
He may have been in the league when these uniforms weren't throwbacks
Brian Garfinkel

According to Jim Salisbury the Phillies have traded 38-year old John McDonald to the Boston Red Sox in return for a guy. Considering the Phillies gave up cash considerations to acquire McDonald that seems like an okay thing.

Aforementioned guy coming to Philadelphia is Nefi Ogando, a 24-year old relief pitcher currently in high A-ball who has had a bit of trouble throwing a baseball over the plate. Ogando is currently sporting a 4.58 ERA for Salem while striking out 7.2 per 9 and walking 4.4 per 9. Seems like just a guy, but at least it's something. In all likelihood John McDonald will end up with more career innings pitched for the Phillies than Nefi Ogando, but, again, something is better than nothing. (At least I heard that from a little kid in a commercial on TV the other day)

John McDonald appeared in 21 games for the Phillies, in which they had a record of 11-10. That's about the best thing I can say about John McDonald, as I'm not going to mention his fWAR. Wait, no, the best thing is that he was the catalyst that turned a PTBNL or cash into Nefi Ogando. Which is something. All indications are he's a nice guy, and he's apparently from the Boston area, so hopefully his 4th stop this year, after Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Philadelphia (if you don't count his spring training time with Arizona) will be his last. I wish him and his .098/.176/.164 line continued success employment.

In case you were wondering, yes, it's August 31st, the last day a team can trade for a player and still put them on their playoff roster and Michael Young is still a Phillies. Why? I don't know. He plays third and I don't give a darn.

Edit: Michael Young is no longer a Phillie.