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Phillies News: Michael Young Traded to Dodgers

Goodnight, sweet prince of pasta diving.

Hot potato!
Hot potato!
David Banks

According to Ken Rosenthal, Michael Young has been traded to the Dodgers.

This is all that's known about the return thus far:


Michael Young was going to be offensively strong and defensively weak from the start, and that's exactly what he was. My anger about that was often directed at Young because he is who I saw in the field every day, doing those things. He has nine errors on the year, but that doesn't count the balls he just couldn't get to because he's 36 and can't really play third base anymore. "Past a diving Young" or "Over the head of Michael Young" were things seemingly said by the Phillies announcers every game. But he was just as advertised. My anger was better suited for Ruben Amaro Jr., who traded for him in the first place. Now, more than eight months later, he's traded him away.

We'll have more for you on the Young trade tomorrow once the full details are released. Or...

Clock's ticking, guys. Get it done.